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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Jamieson Wellness Inc. (JWEL) announced a second quarter dividend!

To see my beautiful TSX going under the mark of the 15 000 points is sooooo terrible! I used to be right there, on top of my game. But now, it seem like everything is playing against me. Anyhow, sexy bitchy is not about to let it go just because the alienated Americans are messing up with the world economy. I actually think that Donald Trump is a benediction to our modern world. Its time to rely on ourselves and seek economic agreements with other countries. There must be a way that we can avoid dealing with the USA. And there is a way. Why does the world need to turn around the USA? Americans are so selfish. Its time we turn our back on them. I hope that our government play really dirty on the NAFTA. Canada should really go out of the circle and seek in a hurry other opportunities. I am quite certain that Mexico would just LOVE to avoid dealing with the US. Why not just do so, and only deal with good Canadians who won't ever play game on the back of poor Spanish people, or on the back of anybody at all.

This is actually Donald Trump gift to the world: we need to seek richness by our own. The USA is not a good country to deal with. We, the people living outside the USA - we are alone now and our destiny is in our own hands. Who care about the Americans anyway? The world need to reject them as hard as possible. People of the Earth are the boss, not Americans.

In the meantime, many people are currently working very hard to protect Mexican and Canadian interests. And its kind of sad. At a time when there's so much that need to be done to save our climate and so many other things, well, we cannot concentrate on things that really matter because of those poor Americans.

Its been a crazy summer. I had spent a lot of money. The money was well spend of course, but I am looking forward to squeeze in my expenses like never before so watch out because its going to be quite something. More than just Marc Cohodes, its now the whole TSX that is shitting on me and thank you so much for doing that because I am on my way to become a very savy princess. Thank you all.

Should you never give up trying to save money and to invest because sooner or later, rewards will come. I had lived very dark days in the past and those lived today are just other ordinary dark days. But don't you ever forget who I am, and especially, don't you ever gave up or I am going to go straight where you are and I would to do you what I would only love to do to Marc Cohodes. That's being to kick up your ass and make you move.

This being said, I have a good news: I think I had lost some belly fat - because I eat less when the stock market go crazy down. And secondly, one of my newest proud, Jamieson Wellness Inc. (JWEL) announced some dividend distribution! I wasn't sure if this one was going to pay me a dividend, but it is. JWEL stands strongly in value and its exactly what I need: a strong stock with some great dividend.

Following this, mirror, oh mirror, tell me who's the best investor of the world, please tell me? OH I CAN HEAR HER SAYING: YOU MY DEAR.

Of course, only me. Me and me. And please enjoy JWEL dividend and pray for my soul who will turn 37 on August 27. I know, only 5 DAYS LEFT!!!!


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