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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Jamieson Wellness Inc. (JWEL): on the run for gold returns

My latest investment in Jamieson Wellness Inc. (JWEL) is paying off. JWEL had gained 3.67% so far inside my non-registered portfolio. I need this new jewel to really kick it on and bring on smoothly some fresh new cash that I so desperately need at this time. Today, JWEL hit on $19.95 per share - among of its highest value ever. Unfortunately, Jamieson Wellness Inc. closed today session at $19.33. But quite good no matter what. And its quite easy to imagine JWEL hitting on the $20 per share in a close future. No, JWEL doesn't pay any dividend. Its a new stock to the TSX, its quite normal that its not paying a dividend yet, but I can easily imagine that JWEL will be paying a dividend later on. I wanted to invest in Jamieson because it was for me an interesting company to invest in and it bring in some diversification in my portfolio, as I don't really have anything related to health care inside my very very awesome portfolio.

Basically, I am running after fresh cold cash like always. Time is passing by, but nothing is really changing. And this special one will be turning on 37 years of life on August 27 so watch out. The world will never be the same. And be ready because I am back in the money making gold with JWEL. My latest proud is definitively paying off so I not getting lost. I still have a bit to do on the TSX. Its really my place to be, even if its quite hard to be an investor these days, especially on the TSX. I don't understand why our index is not exceeding the 15 500 points, its nothing I can understand and I don't care. I only want to make gains. 

My non-registered portfolio is really awesome, really great, but its only standing at $173 949.10 while it has really everything to be on the $180 000 mark. I have everything, at the exception of a great TSX. Its difficult to have amazing results when the TSX is hitting below the 15 500 points. I just cannot make it work.

Anyway, in the meantime, since it seem like I cannot find a decent and clean apartment at a decent price in Montreal, I went through a major organization of my current one and a half apartment. I gave away many bags of clothes, got rid of many things and it just felt better ever after. I am not the type who have that many clothes, but I am sweet hoarder. I like to keep things just in case..., and things just keep accumulating. Like for example, I had kept an old hair dryer that wasn't even working anymore, old clothes that I don't wear, old pair of sandals, old winter jacket....... and so on. Its just easier sometimes for me to put things away rather than getting rid of them. Its just in case that I would need them... I don't have any problems to get rid of things once I put myself into it, which happen from time to time. I am not a terrible hoarder, just a sweet nice one. Now, my apartment is more organize, and for the small space I have, that was important to do. 

I also got some new furniture and other stuff for my apartment. I had been living there for a really long time now and I never really spent money to get nice stuff. I bough a nice night table to replace the ugly plastic table I had and that I cannot see anymore. But see my problem, I didn't get rid of the ugly plastic table yet, I just slide it against the wall... I got to throw it away. I got a nice living room kind of chair that fit in my small apartment. I taught about a chair rather than a couch. And I also got a new kitchen table chair that is really comfortable. 

In Montreal, Ikea is located far away in the wood. I never went to Montreal Ikea. I lately located a nice furniture store downtown Montreal on René-Levesque: Structube. They have really nice pieces of furniture at a reasonable price. Structube offer delivery at $70 - which I had. And I had been delivered my furnitures in time and in good condition in very big boxes. I got this dining room chair - its the most comfortable chair ever. My nightstand kind of look like this but not exactly - it has one upper drawer but below is empty. It has the same white color and finish. I also got this armchair, in black. This recliner is really nice and comfortable for this old lady and not too heavy. I wanted light furniture, nothing too heavy. And best of all, the delivery guys where not ugly at all to look at ;-)

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