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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Enjoy a free visit of my Montreal apartment

The TSX lost more than 100 points today, major loses. I didn't even take a look at my portfolio online because I truly know what is there for me: desolation and loses. The best is to avoid looking. Its not anytime soon that I will be posing an update of my investment portfolio. As you might know by now, I only publish updates to satisfy my ego. I only publish complete portfolio updates when I am at my very best and when I am on top everything, like if I would be the Queen of the world.

I don't even want to understand what it might be for financial professionals who are directly involved in the stock market. Dealing with this kind of stress day after day. It might be an of in deep ugly feeling of emptiness. Each moment definitively has it song.

I adore this Garbage song Empty, its a real killer and Shirley voice is just so great. The video is quite awesome too. Its just lately that I understand why I had colored my hair in red for so many years: its because I wanted to get Shirley Manson good look!!! 

I am feeling sorry for myself and my readers because my 37th birthday is coming so soon and instead of being on top of my game, I need to deal with a catastrophic trading conditions. And its not about to end soon. I know its crazy and not convenient at all, but I was very satisfy to read Donald Trump comments about North Korea, saying that he was warning fire and fury if Pyongyang continued to threatened his country. Its about time that a world leader put the North Korean leader at his place. In many regards, I agree with Donald Trump. There's just a few problems with him: he tweets too much, sometimes talk too much and he's too aggressive sometimes, with just so any sense of delicateness at all. And in some points, me and Donald Trump are kind of the same: both monsters. But am a poor version of Donald Trump and maybe I would had done better in life if I would had his gut and extreme arrogance. One of my greatest quality is that I exactly know who and how I am.

Those who dislike Donald Trump just don't see his good sides. Ivanka Trump being around bring on something of positive, but she needs to be more present. She has all the grace and good taste that her father doesn't have. No one is perfect.

When it hurt to be on the stock market, its a really good thing to explore other adventure. Night after night, your dream of seeing me. I can't make that happen now. But I can certainly make you visit my little studio that I recently put some love in. I have a tiny little one and half apartment, but perfectly located somewhere in Montreal. I am now paying $665 per month for that apartment. I had post pictures of the same apartment that I still have today 5 years ago. You can check the old pictures of it right here.

I recently bought new furnitures at Structube. I really recommend this furniture store. It is well located in Montreal, it seem to be a Quebec company and delivery service was totally fine, furnitures came in big boxes and in good conditions. I bought a kitchen chair, a living room chair and a night table there. 

Let's begin with the cool night table. I just received today this lamp and jewelry plate that I bough on Amazon:

I really like this Crystal Silver Table Lamp on my night table. The Umbra Prisma Jewelry Tray also look pretty cool. Don't you think so?

This is what my living space look like:

The faux fur throw and faux fur pillow on the chair comes from Structube. Its their "tiger" wow design...

The frame bed and table got change by the owner. This wardrobe furniture is also from the owner. I bought those cute large sweater-knit baskets at Simons to put on top and store some stuff. It look pretty clean.

This Velvet arabesque rug come from Simons too.

I have some free space in front of my bed,its where I currently put the laundry bed, but I am looking forward to do something with the space.

This is my kitchen, which is decent space - I saw too many small apartments with no decent place to cook and with no storage space! I like the cabinets space.

I like this kitchen rug, really easy to clean. I bought it at Winner. I put a rug at that direct spot because the floor is broken there.

We don't see it well on the oven, but there's a spoon rest piece of this kit.

Next to my oven is my shoe rack, which I find useful.

I like this wood alike rug. I bough it at Winner too.

And here's my bathroom. I really like my shower curtain. Its a Rococo shower curtain that I bought at Simons. I bough the basket at Stokes. The bath rug is from Simons.

A cute little basket is always welcome in small spaces, including in a small bathroom. I have too many hair products. I bought it at Simons too.

This is something new that been installed recently:

And finally, I got this little Parisienne theme garbage can at Stokes.

Et voilà, that complete the visit of my apartment. From now on, you know where I blog, I sleep and watch TV. I had been living in there for about 10 years. I recently made all those changes and ask my landlords to change some stuff. It was all greatly needed.


Anonymous said...


We've never met. I only stumbled across your blog when I was searching for other like-minded people (net worth, saving, dividends...) one great day. I could give you a view of the ocean from my apartment in Vancouver!! I know that we may be destined because if you ever stayed at my place, you could eat the EXACT SAME TWO BREAKFAST CEREALS!!!! Fiber1 and Shredded Wheat.

Confirmation that you are my soul-mate. My legs grow weaker reading your words. I need to take a cold shower now. Keep the sexiness alive out East for me.

Your West Coast Counterpart

Anonymous said...

Savaria came out with amazing earnings last night and the stock is down 5% today. I don't get it at all. Owning anything on the TSX is a fools game today.

Anonymous said...

Personally I think those pictures look depressing. Best recommendation is still to have taken out 20,000$ and put a down payement on a small condo, and that 700$ a month would go towards something that grows in value and enhances quality of life. You'd probably be 5,000$ higher net worth right now if you had done that 3 years ago (not to mention the mortages were at 2% back then). You should have the net worth necessary to buy something around 120,000$. Also, no capital gain tax to pay when you do sell, so you can keep trading up.

Anonymous said...

Sunny your apartment looks depressing. Why not use some of that lovely, sexy dividend income to help you 'upgrade' to a new place. I'm Sure you start dating you'll want to leave a good impression on that lucky guy...just saying..

Sunny said...

But I just updated my apartment look!!!

It doesn't look depressing to me. Maybe the picture look dark, but I it was took during the evening.

Anonymous said...

I have found that putting paintings on the walls, or painting anything white something else (if you can), makes a huge difference.


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