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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Welcome in my portfolio Sienna Senior Living Inc. (SIA) and Northland Power Inc. (NPI)!

Good day for the TSX as the sexy is popping up to the 15 292.97 points. With a lot of love and care, this baby can go far! Go go go!!!

Today, I took the very easy decision to sell off all of the little Stornoway Diamond (SWY) stocks that I was holding inside my non-registered and TFSA portfolio. Its sad, but SWY is not going no where. Stornoway Diamond was just not a good fit for me and was a very bad investment choice. I mostly make good investment move and sometimes, even really good. And when it happen, I quite to prefer to sell off and reinvest. I got to have lost a couple hundreds, but nothing real tragic. I have many years ahead to recover. And if you want to see things on the bright side, well its now it, I am now at an equivalent of $700 per month in dividend income. I just wanted to go back in there so badly. And here am I again.

Its almost like if $700 would be the magic number, because it is and my rent is $665, my cell phone is $41... And after touching that $700, I will only be missing $548.33 to cover my minimum budget expenses, but of course, I do spend more than that per month. And sometimes even spend all the money I earn in the month or almost... Bad bad girl, but at least I am giving a warm welcome to Sienna Senior Living Inc. (SIA) and Northland Power Inc. (NPI). I knew about NPI since a little while, so I was happy to finally add this stock to my portfolio.

Yesterday, while searching for new stocks to invest in on Stockopedia, I was checking for stocks among the highest StockRank, and among those highest rank, I was searching for Conservative stock only. Conservative doesn't mean that does investment doesn't come without any risk, but since its conservative, its less tempt to be ultra volatile stocks. Right now, I need stock I can rely on and I want to keep things easy. Since I started using it, Stockopedia had been quite helpful in my investment journey and I highly recommend it. Right now, you should click on here.

Right now, my non-registered portfolio is at cute 181k value. Just saying, this is the really first time that my non-registered is hitting on the $181 000 mark.


Anonymous said...

I noticed you bought Jamieson Wellness. Do you think they may play a role in the marijuana sector ie gel caps? Just curious if you think that might be a possibility. Also, thanks for all your posts!

Sunny said...


Yes, I had invested in Jamieson a little while ago. I was attracted by the stock since I take their vitamins and like their line of products.

I am totally against the legislation of marijuana. And I really hope Jamieson won't get into those gel caps you are talking about. Marijuana is a drug, its not something that the human being need to be in good health. I wish Jamieson won't explore the marijuana sector.

Anonymous said...

isn't that 700$ of dividend income before tax?

Spock said...

Northland just finished installing the last turbine and Nordsee should see commercial production by end of the year.

I think we should see a dividend increase next year. I bought NPI some time ago when stock was around $15 and all analysts thought they would cut the dividend. At that time management owned 47% of the company.

Good purchase.

I just sold Sienna on the big move up and added to Chartwell and Extendicare (CEO just bought a million $$ of shares recently)

Good luck

Sunny said...

Yes, that $700 is before tax.

Good to know for NPI.

Chartwell could be a good option too, but I like Sienna.


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