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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Saying goodbye to Just Energy Group Inc. (JE)

My non-registered portfolio closed this past session at $188 256.56, my TFSA at $61 955.71, my RRSP (stocks only) at $37 454.43. My non-registered portfolio is down because of Just Energy Group Inc. (JE). I loved Just Energy. I had been invested in JE for many many years. Its been among the first stocks entering my non-registered portfolio. And currently, Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) lost 6.17% this past Friday. It's no surprise, despite the fact that its shocking. Just Energy had been facing problems like that for a long time now.

Susan Brunner has never been a fan of Just Energy. And her latest review of Just Energy, back in September, wasn't exactly a positive one. Right now, all signs seem to be pointed for an out move and very sincerely, the idea is not fun, it's never pleasant to sell an investment you had been holding to for a really long time, but I am now at that point where I am not willing to take more risks and I like the idea of selling all of my Just Energy Group Inc. (JE). The money will go to reduce the use of my margin, which is exceeding $103 000 at this time.

Selling JE will have a hard effect on my dividend earnings, but sometimes in life, to move forward, you need to make some sacrifices and selling JE represent sad moves, but its a necessity. I am losing You should never hold on to an investment only because it pays a juicy dividend yield. In this current situation, Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) is at risk of not being able to pay its current dividend. It's annoying to hold on to such unreliable stock.

At $188 256.56, I have a real good value in my non-registered portfolio and it's not time to give up - or to even keep, for sentimental reasons, hold on a stock that I had been holding to for a real time.

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