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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Getting ready for another goodbye: Dollarama Inc. (DOL)

It's really heartbreaking to see Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) going all the way down like that. Again today, JE lose 3.26% of its value. I am very happy that I had the opportunity of selling all of my shares at $5.90. It was the right thing to do. I should have done it earlier too, but that's another story. And this signs a new personal era for me. No more time to waste. I buy what I want and I sell what I want. The usual way, but this time, it's me without Just Energy inside my portfolio.

Today, I was surprised... What's going on with my very precious Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH)? PBH is my baby, one of the greatest proud of my non-registered portfolio and I watch it several times a day. But today... disaster! Just after I had sold JE, life was supposed to get better, not worst. Anyway, I am holding on for now, I am under the impression that this is a little correction, nothing to get anxious about. But am I right? But yes, of course!

In my position, I bought my shares a long time ago, and I will continue to watch the situation closely. It's not like I am losing money right now on the initial capital invested in Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH).

Today, my non-registered portfolio closed today session at $179 001.31, my TFSA portfolio at $61 919.01, and my RRSP portfolio, at $37 195.49. And surprise, the usage of my margin is down to a better $96 765.07, following the transferred of my last paycheck on my margin. A 96k is better, but I can do better.

Our favorite Susan Brunner had post yesterday an article regarding Dollarama Inc. (DOL). If you are smart, after reading that article, you'll simply sell off all of your DOL stocks. Its what I am going to do tomorrow. I prefer to stick with my best stocks, rather than having a bomb that can explode at anything.

DOL hadn't had a long life in my non-registered portfolio. I had been holding on to DOL since September 2017. And since that time, Dollarama Inc. (DOL) had gained 5.97% inside my non-registered portfolio. I am planning the sell for tomorrow, which will generate a little profit, with no money lost. Tomorrow, my margin will only be $94 542.07. Still a big amount, but its decreasing.


Anonymous said...

MTL here too :)
You have a special way of expressing yourself that's for sure ...

Anonymous said...

I own Premium Brands also. It was sad to see the shares dive, however, it only represents about 1.6% of my portfolio, so my loss was minimal.

My one piece of advise for you is to be careful of concentration risk. You seem to own so many stocks, but a huge amount of your portfolio is in this one company. Very painful on down days.

Hope it recovers and then some!!!

frederic said...

Premium Brands Holdings : looks like a one day sell off. a buying opportunity for those who caugth it.

Anonymous said...

I fail to see how a small amount invested in a successful company like Dollarama is bothering you but a larger amount invested in a PBH is not bothering you. My question to you is if you would have 300,000$ to invest today, would you put 50,000$ of it into PBH or any other stock for that matter. Premium Brands has been good to you but you put yourself at the mercy of a sharp drop that can happen to any company for reasons we yet to know.

You say it's not as if you invested 45,000 of your own money into PBH, but that money is now yours and if you wouldn't put that kind of money in a company today, then you should protects some of your gains.

Sunny said...

Have you read Susan Brunner review of DOL? If you would have, you'll understand why I sell. It was the right thing to do. DOL is not a super quality stock. I decided to sell, cash in the little profit made, and get rid of this risky investment.

On the other hands, PBH is the real deal. It's a diamond. Money made in PBH is my money, yes, but why should I sell? Simply to cash in the capital and pay tax on it? I am not in need of any money. Or if you are thinking about me selling to invest in other stocks - why should I do that? Don't I hold on to enough companies already in my 3 portfolios?

PBH has all my confidence. The title had deal with volatility, but all stocks go through similar situations among the way. Its part of the game. PBH is the proud of my portfolio and as long as the stock don't face too many troubles and remain on the good track, PBH will remain in my portfolio. I will grow old with PBH on my side and will remain forever and ever........

Me and PBH, its a love story.

Anonymous said...

What I am saying is you would only lose $200 with a 10% drop in Dollorama which is pretty insignificant while a 2% drop in Premiun Brands would cost you 1,000$. You basically had no risk with Dollorama


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