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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Valener Inc. (VNR) could be my next investment. The big fat margin is here to stay

I didn't sell any of my valuable assets today. The stock market is being such a strange place, whenever I feel in real danger and shit in my pants alone so happy you won't smell anything well, often, really often, it turn out not to be as bad as expected. My feelings are just too strong. The stock market just have no heart, and don't give a damn on about everything, expect Euro problems or oil upside down value. It take a bitch to handle another one and the TSX is just not my love to be. I hate her so much. She's just looking forward to kill me softly and walk slowly on my bones. Before I gave up, before I sell any of my investment for superficial reasons, I will be half dead, completely turn so upside down that I will be empty inside. It feel like am I the only person on earth who's actually scare of a nuclear war or think that it could eventually happen. I don't even think of the millions of people who could died, I only think of the money I will be loosing if such tragedy would happen. Don't get me wrong, you are all a big bunch of hypocrites just like me. You are certainly not better that I am.

I guess its always good to have a sell pattern in mind like the ones explain in my previous post, just in case something happen. But personally, even right now, I would like to get rid of Home Capital Group Inc. (HCG) and I almost at a point where I could sell HCG out of my portfolio at no loss. HCG doesn't pay any dividend and I am just too in need of money. I shouldn't have invest in HCG. 

Its when that I am being hit on so hard that I am actually at my best. Remember that I am a really really lazy girl. To perform, I need electroshock, and I get plenty of that on the TSX. The bitch and I, its just to late, its for life. At the end of the day, me and her remain best friend and forever in love baby. Not that I am a lesbian, but the TSX cannot be personalize as a man. It need to be a girl in her young twenties who just don't give a damn about ANYTHING, including me.

But guess what, I have a new love in my life and its name is: Valener Inc. (VNR). Valener generous dividend has everything to please me.

Sometimes, I admire investors who have the ability to sell their stocks and be completely detach, and sometimes not. Because if I sell my beautiful stocks, even partly - to pay down my margin, I know I will regret it. What will be left of me? I am not my job, but I am my sexy stocks so get out of way please because I am getting fully load. The stock market is completely contrarian to who I am. Everything that I am, what I think, the stock market doesn't care about my feelings and emotions its just doesn't care of who I am. It just never care.

Whenever I feel danger and can't hardly support it, the TSX don't mark any reactions, or barely - or go straight in the opposite direction - that's being when the super bitch decided to gain some valuable points on the back of my fear.

Like today for example, the market should had go down because we all scare of a nuclear war right? Well, hell no. The TSX gains close d to 100 points today, exceeding once again the mark of 16 000 points, and - not that I care - but something name the Dow Jones reached in the 24 000 points today. One other bad example is the 2011 earthquake in Japan. I really taught that the TSX would had pulled off hard, but it didn't. It was just enough of an even of my favorite bad girl, that's all! Nothing make sense on my way on the stock market. Its why I love it so much. I make me lose myself.

So relax and keep it cool because I just don't think it can get any wilder than this. So chill out with my favorite bad boys.

A question remain: will the TSX crash or not?

Its a good question, but in the meantime, the TSX had left me with a net worth of  $216 509.21 today.

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