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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Welcome in my TFSA portfolio Richelieu Hardware Ltd. (RCH)!

My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $179 289.23, my TFSA portfolio at $62 267.9, and my RRSP portfolio (stocks only) at $37 613.67. My margin usage is at $94 497.09, and I estimate my net worth to be around $212 000, which is great. Its like I would have never sell my Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) shares, but JE is no longer in the world best portfolio of all time, and that being all mine of course. Don't agree? Just stop reading. Leave me alone with my best investments and my secrets. Because everything on this blog is highly confidential and must be read with a lot of care and love. Its actually like I never had face any trouble at all. I am giving birth to a couple thousand without too much pain.

Today, I bought a new investment in my TFSA account: Richelieu Hardware Ltd. (RCH). I have good hopes for this new hot awesome, only for the good reason that if you add an "I" after the "R" of Richelieu Hardware's symbol ticket, you get, RICH. This kind of stock like RCH just fit me well, despite being at the total opposite of who I am, and what my interests are. Its hard to believe, but life includes much more than what you or I just know, or like. If I would remain in the circle of the well known, I wouldn't be holding on to that many stocks in my portfolio. 

When Warren Buffett says that well-known sentence, it disturbs me, that you should only invest in stocks that you understand, well, it's too bad, but its all bullshit for me. Buffett, like many other multimillionaires, or just like Desjardins who didn't want me to invest - a long time ago - in a so wanted mutual fund that to invest in - those are individuals who want to keep you away of the exceptional. Its all right not to understand the stock market, and not to get all that a company is about. I invest without knowing anything and things are just really great. I don't know anything, but I am a good chart reader, and I stricly based all my investment decisions on my feeling and deep impressions, without almost never doubting. My persona doesn't cheat on me.

These days, I had been blogging almost every day, checking on my stocks are trying to make the best decisions for myself. Its that all party fun, but it seems to me that just something is about to happen. I can feel the $250 000 net worth just being around the corner and the 300k is not that out of reach. It's in the air of time. Something is about to happen and I am not exactly sure what it is. It could be maybe just the excitement of having - again, a new stock all for myself. A stock that I hope will bring me richness and beautiful dividend.

Today, Richelieu Hardware Ltd. (RCH) had been hit hard by the "Dividend Girl effect". On it first day in my TFSA portfolio, RCH closed the session at 0.84%+. So welcome, Richelieu Hardware Ltd. (RCH), bring happiness and red hot money in my portfolio please. And obey me.

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