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Sunday, November 5, 2017

The art of to be or not to be a dumb-bumb Quebecker

Today is an exciting election night in Quebec province for municipal elections. I am in Montreal, I had voted for Valérie Plante, but we'll see who's winning later on tonight. So far, Valérie Plante wins, with 51%. For once, I think I could be impressed by those Quebeckers. I am an outsider, I am not a homeowner, I don't have a family of my own. I am not an active member of Montreal society, but I did vote. Fact that Valérie Plante or Denis Coderre win the election will have a poor  incidence on my life. But for those who are homeowners and pay big taxes big times in Montreal, those are the ones that should be voting. However, it's about only 31% of the Montreal citizens that had voted in this municipal election. And that's quite dumb because houses are expensive in Montreal, and taxes are quite something too, and the public transportation is far from being efficient. There're much homeless and people suffering from poverty in Montreal. 
When it comes to the very social side of Montreal, Denis Coderre hasn't done enough for the citizens and that's why I didn't vote for him. He's acclaim among his "business friends"  Sephen Bronfman, Pierre Boivin, Eric Boyko, Mitch Garber and Bertrand Cesvet, but richness is no sign of intelligence. Actually, none of those businessmen really care about Montreal citizens. They don't care about the poor quality rental properties in Montreal. They are not the one who used the crack pack Montreal subways and bus in the morning. One reason why Mitch Garber is buddy-buddy with Denis Coderre is that he wants baseball back in Montreal and he wants to be involved in the deal.n the other hands, Valérie Plante had the intelligence to question the necessity of having baseball back in Montreal. All the money could be put to good used for the citizens.

And oh surprise, Sephen Bronfman is directly linked to an offshore trust in the Cayman Islands... Just another dirty rich Quebec man who should be sentenced to a lifetime prison sentence.

It looks like I won my elections. Its now 21:25 pm and its been officially announced, Valérie Plante is now the mayor of Montreal.


Unknown said...

I am a torontonian. i vote most of the elections. I don't understand why people don't vote. Good to know that a new mayor is there for Montreal. May be she will do things differently.

Sunny said...

I am actually impressed by Valérie Plante.
People don't vote, but with those election lists, its possible to know who had voted, and who didn't. Those who don't vote should be charged at least $200 as punishment.

I wish I will never be a politician because I would a hardcore one. Very sharp, pro-Canada, and anti-Quebec.


frederic said...

Valerie Plante doesn't look competent at all, but we'll have to let her grow into it because there was no other candidate.

Denis Coderre is vastly more experienced and a competent leader, but unfortunately all he was doing was spending millions to make himself a place in history alongside Jean Drapeau.

The only thing we want is to be able to circulate in the streets from point A to point B in Montreal, and we can't do that because it's such a mess of construction, bad planning and useless events like Forumula E. I assume this is what did him in.

You're wrong about house prices in Montreal... it's the cheapest big city to live in Canada. You don't have to get a house on the Plateau. I have one in ville marie, plus a couple of rental properies, but there are tons of options in Verdun, brossard, etc. The taxes are indeed high, however, and getting higher with Coderre. With the crackdown on corruption in construction, we should be paying less, but no: Coderre was just spending more money and doing more things with the extra cash. I doubt that Plante will not waste money on things, but she doesn't look very ambitious that way. I was glad and surprised someone questioned the baseball stadium, another callback to Jean Drapeau and the 1980s. Normally everyone in the media gets behind this stuff, probably because older people remember the Expos and their youth. We are way, way, past that.

The Ranty Dividend Girl Who Secretly Whished.. said...

What a little quebec hater like you doing in Montreal. Maybe all this time you wished to be a québécois and that why you are hating on what you could never be.

... just a thought

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny,

You always seem to be so negative on Quebec. Why not come to Toronto where there is so much more opportunity to prosper?

Anonymous said...

The little Quebec hater went back to New Brunswick a few years back but hated it there! She came back running to Montreal... something is not right with her mental state.


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