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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Aphria Inc. (APH): the newest hot sexy player of my non-registered portfolio

It feel good to have my TSX baby exceeding the 16 000 points - ONE MORE TIME. I can do a lot, but without a stock market in good shape, I cannot do much. In result of today $$$, I estimate my net worth to be sitting on a nice rock of $217 818. The ultimate fun would be to make it to the $220 000 net worth. I can make it, but the TSX will have to go a bit higher. The new gain so needed won't come from my own money because I just don't have any right now. Its going to be harder than expected to actually trade on my latest dividend stocks.

BMO is already up inside my portfolio. My plan was to actually wait for a little while and sell at profit... But its just too hard to sell good stocks that actually go up AND pay an interesting dividend.

On the other hand, Aphria Inc. (APH) is crashing my little heart in its hands just like I would be.. toilet paper?


Lala. APH is going all OVER the place, so watch up.

I am confident APH will learn to behave among to way because that stock, is now mine and I control it.

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dividendgeek said...

Markets are too finicky. Keep investing you will soon reach your goal.


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