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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Welcome in my non-registered portfolio Bank of Montreal (BMO) and Aphria Inc. (APH)!

While writing this post, I learned that Johnny Hallyday died!!! Its just so sad. Hallyday was just the pure artist, one of the greatest singer of the world.

The end of 2017 is coming in a hurry and I am just at a point where I am running in circle like a little hamster, not knowing exactly what do to about it!!! Its exciting and exhausting at the same time. I am doing the best I can. I bought today a 2018 agenda. Next year, I will be turning 38. I am just not exactly ready for that or for nothing at all. I may not have that much in term of net worth, but I do appreciate great genetics and I don't see differences between the me of now and the me of when I was 27. 38 years of age is nothing, but a dirty sexy 40 years old of age, that's going to be something my dear friends. No booty or boom jobs required - at least I can keep the money to invest. I am not exactly slim despite spending long hours at the gym. 

Genetic is absolutely smart. Fact is, I need some substance on those bones to protect myself from the stock market stress. And I need to eat junk once in a while, I cannot only eat healthy all the time, really impossible for me. God gave me the perfect protector, like a hallow. You can't ever get ready for any life events, even if you really want to. You have to build yourself with what you are lucky enough to have, whether its money (because you had been born with a silver spoon in the mouth - not my case), or body strength or super fresh temper or a great hunger not for success, but for money itself, in its essence, and nothing else.

I am absolutely ready for nothing, but I am ready to burn in the flames of the TSX because I made some other investments today. I was just laughing at myself, crazy bitch. This is just strange knowing I was more in a direction to pay down my margin. Its really what I was to. But no! STOP! I want money, I want dividend! Welcome again, big fat margin! Go go go! Do you feel all of my excitement right now?

May God protect my poor little soul from my madness, and sometimes, God is really the greatest.

Let's begin with Laurentian Bank of Canada (LB). Back on November 21, just a few days ago actually, I decided to sell all of my LB shares. Laurentian Bank was having trouble with syndicate employees. I learned the LB is the only Canadian bank to have syndicated employees. Why a syndicate? I am against syndicate when the power of a CEO cannot be fully exploited. So I sell my shares.  And I don't regret the move!

Today was supposed to be a perfect day for Laurentian Bank of Canada (LB). LB announced super good profit. And I was really impressed. However, I didn't place any buy order on LB - again, just super good instincts. During the day, LB hit the $62.90 per share. However, some strange news came by and LB closed the day at $56 per share. You can read about the story right here. It didn't took long for that clown of Marc Cohodes to retweet the story regarding LB. I cannot stand the man for 2 minutes.

Maybe I shouldn't do, but today, I invested, using my margin money, in some Bank of Montreal (BMO). BMO increased its dividend. Its profit decrease, but I am confident BMO can catch up. After all, I said that I was going to get rich on Quebec Inc. shares, and so it will happen later or sooner.

I am not in favor of the legislation of the marijuana, but I am in favor of the legislation of marijuana for medical use ONLY. For those who are in need and are suffering, marijuana can help and do a lot of goods. Marijuana oil is also a powerful medication. Recently, actually just yesterday, Aphria Inc. (APH) announced the company will become a medical cannabis supplier to Shoppers Drug Mart.Will APH be the only single medical cannabis supplier to Shoppers, that, I don't know, but it was time I get in the marijuana sector and APH obey to my ethic so let's go Aphria Inc., show me what you got deep inside.


Anonymous said...

BMO is a good steady anchor for your portfolio. I bought in February 2009 for $32 per share. It has more than tripled since and I also get growing dividends reinvested into more shares every quarter.

My only regret was not waiting until March 2009 when it went down to $24 per share.

Good luck!!

Sunny said...

I am already experiencing a little gain on BMO. I didn't get my shares at a cheap price, but at least they were less than $100. By plan was to sell BMO quickly, but fact is, its too hard to trade stocks like BMO.


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