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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Getting the hands on the big free bucks on the back of Canadian cannabis business

Today was a day of glorious glory and I just don't know if you are ready for any of this. However, since I blog on very everything I do on the TSX for you really own satisfaction, I just have to choice than to fully expose everything.  With a little lady love and attention, the TSX can do a lot. My TSX is a complete achiever. And right now, Aphria Inc. (APH) is working at making me happy. Fact is, whenever you read about investing is too really often really superficial. You don't get to know exactly when to buy or when to sell, or if you should hold. But no worries, its exactly why I am blogging, so you can blow in gain without having to deal with no one else. Its all between you and me.

What I have find out, is that overtime, you get to know the stock market better and the longest you'll be playing in miss shitty TSX, the better it is for you. Overtime, you can get a sense of where things are hitting - without really knowing. For example, just before I sold my HCG stocks, I knew - and I wrote it, saying that HCG was going to make more gains, and it did. And when I wrote that Eric Sprott involving in Novo Resources Corp (NVO) was a disaster, well fact is, it was a a real disaster! Bad investor like Eric Trump and short sellers like Marc Cohodes - just to name those two - are the kind of people you really need to stay far from. Whenever they are involved in a stock, its really important to stay away, because bad guys like Sprott and Cohodes bring only extreme bad volatility to whatever they touch. In other words, they changed everything they touch into really deep dirty shit.

Following Marc Cohodes illicit activities on the TSX, I wanted to go to California and burn his house... but thanks God I got a big chuck of California burning down in the flames of hell for me, and I had absolutely just really nothing to do, just watch. Its all the fault of Marc Cohodes who just push it to hard. Us Canadians, we should be more protective when it comes to our stock market. American short sellers of the type of Cohodes are causing a lot of disturbance on the market, and its really not a good thing. Canada has the best of everything, and trust me, its not because I didn't try to invest in US stocks. Nothing is interesting and more importantly, nothing seem to be really stable in the US. Its terribly hard to find a US stock with a correct chart like the way I like them: all the way up, and who had exceed the before 2008 stock crash value. When I watch this video, featuring Marc Cohodes, all those little fools listening to him... 

Well it make me wanted me hit him soo hard and broke his nose, and make him eat his teeth. Its not right from Cohodes to wear the color of Canada on his pitty self. It will only bring him bad luck on the long run. Marc Cohodes is so fuck up that his story is not understandable. First of all, Marc Cohodes should have enough on his plate with his handicap son and his chicken farm. After a lucrative career, Cohodes decided to come back to bet against our glorious economy. The Canadian stock market and economy is not Marc Cohodes place to be. The TSX is all mine and is my place to shine. And its not true that I will an American pig do whatever he wants on my market. 

Financial blogger are usually quiet, and are so willing to sound professional. But I am not that type of blogger. I am not delicate, I am not kind. No angel, no mercy. I cannot tolerate having a foreigner getting into our really own shit, just leave that for us to take care of. Anyhow, Americans are well-known to be dumb-dumb, we'll see how smart they'll look when North Korea will finally attack them. Fires in California participate in making the US less of a nation. Trump doesn't believe in climate change, and during that time, US healthiest state is burning to the ground. Destruction lead to destruction and as far as I am concern, seeing all of those really rich properties burning down - it may how things are supposed to be.

My stocks are my hot babies and I love them like if they would be an extension of my soul. They live, they grow, and they are fully alive. And currently........ my non-registered portfolio hit on the magic $186 410.23 chachacha. There's just no end to my luck and its not anytime soon that I will be giving up. Aphria Inc. (APH) for its part is really ALIVE. I had been pushing for the case of APH like a real drug dealer. And money is easy with APH. The stock gains more than 10% so far inside my portfolio. Can this last? My true opinion is YES, and APH has even more place to grow. IF you have money doing nothing right now, the best thing I suggest: invest in APH NOW. A couple thousands, buy, watch and see it for yourself

I wanted to be invested in something concerning cannabis because right now, marijuana is the real deal. Don't overpass this opportunity, money is just too easy. It was important for me to be involved in the medical aspect. Yes, APH is mostly focus on the medical side, but soon enough, APH will also be involved in the entertainment side and soon enough, you'll find your favorite girl with a big fat cannabis joint in her lipstick mouth, skipping up work to day trade the new Canadian gold: WEED.

This is going to be fun. ;-)


Anonymous said...

All I can say is good luck!. I don't know if you remember how the dot.bomb debacle ended around 1999/2000. These things go up like steps and go down like a broken elevator.

I wouldn't touch Cannibis stocks for anything (it's like playing the slots in Vegas) but everyone has their own risk tolerance.

My choice is a good diversified portfolio of dividend growth stocks where I know I can sleep at night with strong confidence that these stocks will create long term wealth.

Sunny said...

I actually decided to sell APH yesterday... And I cash in a little profit to pay down my bus ticket to New Brunswick.


Unknown said...

I was thinking about Cannbis . But, reluctant to invest. couple of thousands is big money for me . I am not sure weed is good or bad yet is the second reason. Good for you that you got some profit on it.

Unknown said...

Great Blog


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