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Saturday, December 30, 2017

My debt situation on date of December 20, 2017

Margin account debt: $96 554.99


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I am anxious to see if you have a suggestion for a TFSA contribution for 2018!

Sunny said...

2018 is coming in a hurry and a new year means new TFSA investments! EXCITING!

I am still away on vacation, but that TFSA is on my head. I am thinking maybe to do some contribution in kind, to take investment from my non-registered account and have them transfer over the TFSA. In order to do so, if you choose that option, I suggest that you go with investment who had registered the lowest capital gains - because once you switch a non-registered stock into TFSA - you'll have to pay taxes on the capital gains.

Currently, I have BMO that didn't went up a lot, so I could have it transferred over my TFSA. Other than that, I don't have any ides, but try to transferred stocks who pay dividend inside a TFSA, that way, you won't have to pay taxes in the dividend income.


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