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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Saying goodbye for real to Home Capital Group Inc. (HCG)

Its hard to believe that we are already in December! I would like to stop time, just for a couple days. But that's going to happen soon because I have a few vacation days coming up and I will be gone for a little while. That mean I won't be blogging for the last couple days of December, and you'll missing me really badly.

I am trying to recall if I made any 2017 resolution, and what they where, but I am not quite sure. I of course went back at my posts of January 2017, but I stop reading after a few lines, especially after reading of myself that I - I wrote that in 2016, I learn on how bad of an investor I could be Well, guess what, 2017 had kind of be the same!! lol I can't stand reading back myself, especially when I read shitty lines that I WROTE. 

Anyhow, I remember promising myself that I would no longer color my hair or do anything color related in my hair. I took the decision a few months ago and ever since, I didn't color my hair, which is exceptional because I had being coloring my hair since my mid-twenties. I also read somewhere that hair coloration could be link to breast cancer, it help push forward the decision. Beauty products, hair coloration, its like the stock market, its addictive.

I have this perfect natural dark blonde-light brown color on which any color go on very well. So over the years, I got my hair in red, brown, blond... It was really hard for me not to color my hair for the first couple weeks. I still have a bunch of blond highlights left on. I don't actually really need to color my hair, and I like seeing my natural color coming through. By not coloring my hair, I am saving several hundred dollars a year.

2017 had been an amazing year so far. Back in March, I was reaching for the really first time $200 000 in net worth. Currently, I estimate my net worth to be around $215 000. If I am lucky and the TSX keep going on like a rocket, I have a chance to reach $300 000 in net worth in 2018, but I will need a TSX in super good shape.

While working full-time AND during day time - this could be the worst combination ever, its almost impossible to follow stock properly, at the exact time that fantastic events are happening. But this past Friday was my day of glory and oh surprise, surprise, I was watching closely Home Capital Group Inc. (HCG) and HCG was on the high and experiencing some interesting gains. I saw it as my opportunity to dumb my stocks. If you are rich, awesome and have a lot of money, you could had hold to, wait and seek for even more gains but I had developed anxiety over HCG. I guess that when I bought, I was getting over excited because of Warren Buffett was entering in stocks. But now, knowing that an American bad ass of the name of Marc Cohodes is also fooling around with HCG, it was a no-no for me. I have a feeling that HCG may even go higher Monday. For my case, I had enough of HCG - its really not my type of investment.

I also sold CAE inside my non-registered portfolio. My margin usage decreased to $90 744.37, still high, but better.

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