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Sunday, March 4, 2018

In the search of new stocks for my portfolio: Vitreous Glass Inc. (VCI) and Logistec (LGT.B)

Susan Brunner recently reviewed my really last investment: Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust (REF.UN). Her review is positive. REF.UN is in good posture in my non-registered portfolio. Despite the the current bad stock market environment, REF.UN registered a capital gain in my portfolio this past Friday. The sell of my Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B) stocks inside my TFSA portfolio left me with a small amount to invest. I am already exposed enough to REITs and financial stocks, so I am really trying to avoid anything related to banks, etc... And its a well-known fact that I already hold on to so many great stocks in my portfolio. However, I am always in the search of something new to invest.

But why so? For many reasons. The best of the TSX cannot simply be in what I already know. There's so many stocks on the TSX, I cannot simply know now all of the best stocks that hold the TSX. Also, there's always new businesses that are being created, and existing businesses merge to created a new one, like it was the case with Nutrien Inc. (NTR). I truly belive that my next everything is hidden somewhere in the mass. Its always interetsing to find a new stock to invest in.

Personally, I don't have any interest for stocks involved in insurance. Manuvie, and others: its a big no no for me. So far in my investment life, I never invested in an insurance stocks. Just have a look at the chart of Manuvie, all rocky and ugly.

Currenlty, I am looking for a stock that would be involved in the environment. I have checked on Waste Connections Inc (WCN) before. However, WCN is really expensive and pay really little in dividend. Among the way, I made an interesting finding using Stockopedia: Vitreous Glass Inc. (VCI). At this time, VCI doesn't pay any dividend and seem to be only doing business in Alberta. If VCI could extend their operations in other provinces and pay a dividend, Vitreous Glass Inc. (VCI) could be a good investment. 

Anoher interesting stock, that I find this time on Susan Brunner's blog: Logistec (LGT.B). 

The search continue, but so far, Logistec (LGT.B) seems to be a good pick.

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