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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Welcome in my USA portfolio General Mills Inc. (GIS)

I was wrong! Derek Foster doesn't have 7 kids. With his newborn, which I wasn't able to learn if its a baby girl or baby boy, Derek Foster has now 8 kids! WOW! That's a courageous man! It must be hard, all that laundry, cleaning, cooking, homework, changing diapers, grocery shopping.... It's not only that... Those kids had to born. I just can't imagine myself giving birth. Nothing can beat that type of bravery. Mrs. Foster is a strong woman. The stock market is a little shit compare to such a big family life. Now we can understand why Derek Foster didn't publish any new book in a too long time now! Anyhow, you have to take whatever Derek Foster is willing to give us, poor investors. And currently, that being Enbridge Inc. (ENB) and General Mills Inc. (GIS).

Go go go! :-)

Today, I made my move in General Mills Inc. (GIS). Since its a Derek Foster stock I taught why not? Being a dad for the 8th time can only bring good luck. It's currently really difficult right now on the stock market. It seems like the trouble is at no end. My non-registered portfolio didn't stay on its $190 000 value - its highest ever - for really long. Today, my non-registered portfolio closed the session at $186 710.68, my TFSA portfolio at $63 014.34 and my RRSP portfolio (stocks only) at $37 299.25. This is what happens when the TSX slide and hit down to the 15 216.18 points. The TSX is a no man land. It's going nowhere these days. I just can dream of my $300 000 net worth. Anyhow, in the meantime, my latest investment in my TFSA portfolio, Enbridge Inc. (ENB) make some gains.

On this election year, Quebec budget seems to be really generous to Quebeckers.

I don't where we are going to hit next in term of return on the stock market, but I no longer care. I am tired and I know I am due for a little Easter vacation.


Passive Income Guy said...

You have been doing great to reach almost 200k. I am sure you will soon get to 300k.

Would love to travel to Canada someday but in the meantime i will buy some canadian stocks.

GYM said...

I'm impressed Derek Foster has EIGHT kids. Is he still retired? That's a lot of mouths to feed!

Sunny said...

The 300k seems to be really far away right now with that TSX being down.

I believe Derek Foster is still retired, it's what the impression gave me.
With so many kids, I don't think he would have any time to actually work outside...


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