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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Like Derek Foster, I am going to invest again in Enbridge Inc. (ENB)

Today was quite an extraordinary day for Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH). PBH closed at its really highest value ever: $114.95 per share. It's now official, I am by far exceeding the 50k value in one single stock. I actually have enough to buy cash a little house in New Brunswick with my investment in Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) alone. But the best news is yet to come: my non-registered portfolio closed today session at its also highest value ever registered: $190 512.77. Its quite an event in my journey, especially knowing who badly I wanted to hold on to a $190 000 non-registered portfolio. Its now officially thing done in date of today. We'll have to see if I can possibly remain there. From now on, the next step is to reach the $200 000 value inside my non-registered portfolio - and that being without using any margin money. From now on, I am going to be a really good girl.

On this extraordinary day, my TFSA portfolio closed today session at $64 376.06, my RRSP portfolio (stocks only) at $38 175.78, and my US portfolio at $3 157.38. 

Also today, I sell all of my Coca-Cola Company (The) (KO). This is leaving me with brand new US dollars.

My tax declaration is also a dirty thing that is now officially done and completed. I have no tax to pay-back to Mr. Trudeau. I quite please. I am actually waiting to receive a small return from the federal and provincial - enough to cover the expenses from my next time in New Brunswick. Its quite greatly needed as I am running tight on cash, and that being only because I am doing the best I can to save max money for my next investment.

Yesterday, I explained that Derek Foster had posted in his newsletter, all fresh of yesterday, that he had purchased stocks of  Enbridge Inc. (ENB). I already have ENB in my portfolio. But I kept thinking of this and I told myself: if THE Derek Foster that highly participated in the fact that I am now on a 200k+ net worth, well, I taught that it may be time to WAKE UP GIRL, and invest, like Derek Foster, in some Enbridge Inc. (ENB) stocks.  

After a while, its just getting harder and harder to find a new stock to invest in. And investing in a stock that I already own is not a bad thing. I had so much success in the past by investing in Derek Foster stocks that I taught today that I should turn my back on the poor guy. What was I thinking??!!!

I own a pick chuck of my current net worth to Derek Foster and fact is, I own the presence of Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) inside my non-registered portfolio to Jean-François Tardif. Its the only stock that I bought after finding somewhere on the Web that he was suggesting this stock as an investment, he had posted a good review. And that had been many many years ago. Ever since, Jean-François Tardif retired, get back in the game and open his JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN). The fund had been successful in its first year, giving even an dividend to its investors, for for the past couple years, I decided to sell my JFS.UN units because it was going no where. And still, on date of today, the JFT Strategies Fund is going nowhere. What happens to my old master? Jean-François Tardif is just the shadow of what he used to be. His JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) is not registering any grow. Its like I am a much better investor than Jean-François Tardif now!

What happens to him? Well, my idea of that is that Jean-François Tardif has better things to do rather than being the best, and he's having too many relationships with too many mistresses. SLOW DOWN mister.

So I am going to invest again in Enbridge Inc. (ENB) stocks and I just hope for Jean-François Tardif that he'll learn to do better in a close future.

At least, Derek Foster is still on the right side of the game, and that being for my only benefit and yours, if you want too.




FJ said...

Congrats on PBH. One of the stocks I missed in early days..

I like to buy few more ENB, but it is already a biggest position in my portfolio. So, I little hesitate to jump in.

Keep up your good works DG.

Best Regards

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, what your thinking was behind selling KO? Its a big part of my wife and my portfolios, so far has been good to us. I know people are worried about sugar and sweeteners (at least in N America), but I KO has a lot of other products (Dasani, Powerade, Minute Maid (same with Pepsi), so I haven't gotten too worried about it yet. Just wondering if there is something that I am missing. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Embridge! Nice chart. Straight down, though. Good luck and patience. It's very likely the price of gas never goes back to where it was because technology has advanced.

Jean-Francois Tardif is the poster boy for fund manager underperforming the market in the long term. And investor getting overconfident from early success.

He's a bear, and he's found success in the 2002 downturn, at Sprott, investing in gold and resources. Essentially coincidence and luck. Since then he's been bearish on the market and found the market over-valued and ready for a crash... since 2016. (You can find videos of him on He missed the longest bull market in history.

JFS.UN is something like 75% in bonds, which have performed poorly due to extremely low-interest rates since 2008. In other words, 3/4 of the funds is not even invested in the stock market at all. The part that's invested? Scattered in tons of small 1% positions in seconds that are not moving, and he was shorting the S&P and the TSX60 during a bull market.

The fund is currently invested 40% in Canada (where the market is stagnant), and 8% in US (which has seen record highs).

He's been everywhere you shouldn't have been in the last 3 years (bonds, Canada, gold..)

He's apparently never reconsidered his outlook on the market. He was even betting on gold again back in 2016, at the start of the gold bear market.

At one point, you have a lot of money and your focus is preserving that money, and you're scared of everything. That's when you stop making money because it's all about focusing on how you could lose it.

Sunny said...

It seems to me that Tardif lost his magic touch among the way and it got me furious.
However, I did very well on PBH - and that was - a long time ago - a stock that he recommended. But ever since, I didn't read anything great coming from Tarif and his JFS.UN suck. I am going better on stock market alone, which is quite funny in a way.

KO - from the moment I invested in it until recently, I didn't mark any valuable capital gain on that stock and personally, I think that one day, someone smart will expose the fact that their drinks are links to cancer and other important health risks. I didn't also like the fact that Coca gets involved in alcoholic drink in Asia.... I am just not getting a good feeling.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding with the comment on KO. I will continue to hold it, not that worried about it. I think the company has enough product and geographic diversity to weather a lot. Warren Buffet has a big share. Plus I have not been able to find something else that I would rather hold.


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