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Monday, March 26, 2018

Welcome in my TFSA portfolio Enbridge Inc. (ENB)!

Easter is coming in a hurry and in the meantime, we had learned about one of Donald Trump affairs. Just like Bill Clinton before him, I believe that Trump is lying in the face of a desperate US nation.

On a happier note, Derek Foster announced today that his wife just gave birth... If I am correct, Derek Foster now has... 7 kids!!!! I was under the impression that his family was completed, he had a baby girl a couple of years ago... but I guess not. Also today, Derek announced that he made a new US investment in General Mills Inc. (GIS). This is just coming at a perfect time. Remember that I sold my Coca-Cola shares not too long ago? Well, I am going blind in the US stock market. I am probably going to invest in some General Mills Inc. (GIS) stocks.

I finally invested in Enbridge Inc. (ENB) today inside my TFSA account. I made only a small investment. It's quite hard to invest in ENB right now when the stock seems to only go down. For that reason, I only made a small investment. I didn't want to invest more. I am not super excited about this new investment, but during that time, Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) is making me proud. PBH closed today at its highest value ever: $117.08 per share! In result, my non-registered portfolio closed today session at $188 164.68. Not too bad. Just imagine how things are going to turn super great for me once the TSX hit back its old 15 600 points.....


Dividend Investor! said...

Good purchase, fellow New Brunswicker! ;)

earthskync said...

Hey DG, I currently own ENB in my dividend portfolio, I've watched it go from 57$ to 39$, while maintaining it's dividend. They are pretty adamant about raising their dividend year after year. And while I've lost about 30% of it's value, since I've owned it, I'm quite confident it'll get back up there. It currently makes up 1.5% portfolio. And building a small position seems like a good choice. It's no PBH, which I would have loved to buy awhile ago, but it's a steady grower.


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