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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Oh no, its tax season AGAIN. Tax season for the Dividend Girl = Impôts Ici

I finished this day on a happy note with a good coffee glass - since I don't have anything fancier with the exception of a champagne glass look alike, but its in plastic - of sherry on my table desk simply because I was desperately searching for a USB key that I have a bunch of back up stuff on it, all of my bitch life is on that damn thing and I couldn't find it. Just at a time when I was feeling so miserable that I could jump out of the window - I magically find my key. What a release. I taught that maybe I had left it in my Dhawa Santa Maria room in Cuba since I had brought it with me ???... But the precious key was simply misplaced. I usually have a good memory, but sometimes, I misplace things like anybody else. Anyway, it allows me to do some cleaning with my stuff, even if everything is pretty much all set at this time. I must say that my papers and stuff are pretty much in good orders. I like to clean, clean, clean. I usually dedicated a good part of my Saturday cleaning and I only have a tiny little living space. Imagine me with a home. It would be horrible. And by the way, just saying, if you want to make me really happy, a bottle of good sherry will do the thing thank you. Once I hit $300 000 in net worth, I will buy a couple of nice stuff in crystal to drink my alcohol in it.

I am slowly getting ready for my tax declaration. If it happens that you are unfortunately living in Quebec province, you have no choice, your tax declaration needs to be completed in Quebec. I had the genius idea to complete my tax declaration in Ontario while working in Gatineau (such a smart idea!!), but that didn't work out... And I also tried to have my tax declaration done in New Brunswick while living in Montreal, but that didn't work out either. And you need to switch you medical card AND driver license to a Quebec driver one since you are now living in Quebec. Please just don't do like a lady I especially know. Its not easy to be living in Montreal, but if you live in Montreal, I have a super good address where you can have done your 2017 tax declaration at a very fair price: Impôts Ici. I had been going there for many many years now and they do a very good job with my tax declaration. Imagine, they manage all of my dividend tax papers, my capital gain and loses, employment papers....Impôts Ici had always worked very hard for me because in the past years I can tell you, I worked at multiple jobs at the same time, I used to be self-employed too at the same time... ohhh papers, papers, f papers!

Impôts Ici is really the place to go for your tax declaration and I am saying it really honestly. I am not receiving a penny for saying about all the good work they did for me. They have enough of having to handle my too many papers. Their services are much more honest than H&R Block. Many years ago, only because I was self-employed, I have to pay close to $400 to H&R Block to have my tax declaration done. It was very expensive for the simple reason that I was self-employed. That year, I had made $35 000 only! I complained, received a call from a Quebec office somewhere and the lady at the phone was really upset at me because I had placed a complain. I never received any compensation and I never used H&R Block tax declaration ever again and I will never visit a H&R Block office ever again. When that incident happens, especially because of the call I received from them was really offensive, they had lost a customer for a lifetime. Don't ever go to an H&R Block office anyway because its a business that is based in the US. And right now, I am trying to stop consume anything coming from the USA.

Lately, I was under the impression and I was REALLY hoping to see my TSX hitting the 15 800 points soon enough. I was going to be on top of my game again! I was going to shine like never before..... but no way! Take that Dividend Girl, and go to hell and burn. Burn baby burn. And its really burning. The TSX is not the place to be if you are a nervous person or if, worst, you are the type of individual who easily suffer from anxiety. I am in a position where I don't care anymore. Maybe because I am drunk? lol

So much fun, it's unbelievable. I am actually always hoping for the best no matter what, its the only way to survive. Following my reading of Susan Brunner latest Bombardier cover, I decided to sell the Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B) stocks that I was holding inside my TFSA. I was lucky, I was able to sell my Bombardier stocks at $4.14 per share and I generate a little profit. I am better off without Bombardier. Just a friendly advice: when Susan Brunner writes a negative review about a stock, you are better to sell asap. Earlier in 2017, I have held on to a small investment in Dollarama Inc. (DOL), I had bought my shares at $139.18, and I later sell them at $149 when I read Susan bad review about DOL. And I am happy that I sell at that time, because DOL is not that of a solid stock. Overall, 2017 had been a good year for me. After all, its the year when for the first time I reached $200 000 in net worth.

So far 2018 is not easy, but I personally think that Trump won't be around for really long and it should get better soon enough. It fell like Donal Trump is breaking our back into every single corner. It's annoying. And all possibility of recovery is being destroyed by his willingness to make America first. Should we never forget all the damaged the USA is doing to the world.

I didn't forget my post about contribution in kind for TFSA - should come soon.


Anonymous said...

Impot Ici... never heard of it. That's a tip I can use, thanks.

The guy I used last year, supposedly a Wealth Management firm, was completely lost with the trading Summary files from TD (I had a couple hundred trades in a few accounts), and I understood better the rules around capital gains than him. What a waste. Cost close to a 1000$. Facts are, French Quebecers are poor and very few do any stock trading.

Sunny said...

I don't think there are that many people that invest in stocks overall in Canada.

In Quebec, salary is less, but the cost for a living is less too, and it allows me to be able to have some money available to invest in stocks. If I would be living in Toronto, I am not sure if I would have enough to invest in stocks, even while being on a bit higher salary - because it's too costly there.

For your tax, it's easy. Do the following in TD Waterhouse:
Go to Accounts - eServices Documents, click on TAX DOCUMENTS, select 2017 and print out ALL the documents that appear there.
Take a black marker, and cover all the account numbers and the name of TD Waterhouse. To do your taxes, your accountant doesn't need to know your account number or with who you are dealing with - those are really sensitive information that you need to protect.

On the "Investment income - trading summary" documents, for everything related to the non-registered account - if you have sell stocks inside your non-registered account, you need to provide to your accountant the buying price. If you have bought the stock BEFORE 2017 - that buying price of the stock won't appears on that trading summary. You need to find it by using "CONFIRMATIONS" - which is at the right of the TAX DOCUMENTS.

Also, if you have a margin, you must provide the annual interest, which will appear on the December 2017 statement of your non-registered account - see "STATEMENTS" in your broker account.

While having all those on hands, just go to Impôt Ici. It won't cost you $1000 to have your tax declaration done - at Impôts Ici, it will cost you about $100.

Anonymous said...

there is no need to print the td tax documents, they are all downloadable from the canada revenue service, from the tax software that they use to file the tax.
it's just the capital gain that you need to calculate yourself, from .csv file from td. In my case it's difficult because I buy and sell progressively and you need to adjust the average price. there is also the 30 day rule. There is a site that helps with that,


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