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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Welcome in my TFSA portfolio WSP Global Inc. (WSP)!

The delisting of Pure Industrial Real Estate Trust (AAR.UN) left me with a little sum in cash to invest back somewhere in the TSX. I decided to invest in WSP Global Inc. (WSP). In result, my RRSP portfolio closed today session at $75 497.72. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $182 971.72, and my RRSP portfolio - stocks only - closed at $38 204.24. I am quite please with those numbers. I am also really please with this new investment, I truly believe that WSP is a strong safe bet. under the current circumstances.

Donald Trump is doing everything that is on his power to put stress over the NAFTA negotiations and Justin Trudeau is acting childish like a little boy again. Trump is a very hard and difficult man to deal with. Now that Trump decided to punish us with new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, now more than ever is time to open the dialogue. Justin Trudeau had a meeting planned with Trump, but he had decided to cancel it following Trump announcement. Its seem to me like the USA are really not in needs of our importation in term of steel and aluminum. Justin Trudeau should read this article. Later or sooner, Trump will need get smoother, but for now, this is a tactic to make us close quickly a NAFTA deal that could be hurtful for us on the long run. Rather than opening the dialogue back to back, Trudeau simply turn down Donald Trump and try to reacted like a man by taxing the US for an amount of $16.6 billion. See, this is what happen when a Quebecker endorsed the role of Prime Minister. Bad decisions are being made. Quebeckers are well known for their lack of senses and intelligence, and we have a another proof of that residing in the person of Justin Trudeau. His mother is suffering from mental illness and Trudeau has the same bad genes. We are going to suffer and its the fault of all those dummies who had voted for the Liberal Party. 

Trudeau made this announcement too quickly. Trump is a monster, an aggressive man and he certainly won't get himself beat down by little Canadians. Its time to act simply, gently and kiss his ass. First, Trudeau should had gone to that meeting, discuss with Trump, and if no solution was find, well than, and only way AFTER apply that $16.6 billion as a good lesson to our US "friends". 

Currently, I am not impress with Justin Trudeau. We had all of our chances with China. The arrangement between Aecon Group Inc. and CCCI won't proceed because Justin Trudeau rejects it. We are in great need of trade partnerships - China could had been of a great help. Now, thanks to Justin Trudeau, we can't rely on the US or on China. With who are we going to trade now? 

Anyhow, this is scary, but react calmly. The TSX is a wild bitch and seem to like chaotic situations. She loves drama, it makes her feel alive. From my side, I invested in WSP - a Quebec stock!!! - today and I don't care about anything else, or almost.

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Good luck with the WSP shares in your TFSA portfolio!


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