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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Be a chart reader on Stockopedia and become an investor Godness like someone I know

My non-registered portfolio closed this past Friday session at $176 163.10, my TFSA portfolio at $77 024.34, and my RRSP - stocks only - at $38 093.44. Things are getting better. Its looking like Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) really want to reach back the $100 per share. A back to the $122 per share would even even better.

I double check my latest finding, Sylogist Ltd (SYZ), and I don't like the fact that it had reached the $20 per share several days ago. See for yourself:

I don't like this overall chart. Why? Its because SYZ still, on date of today, didn't catch up to the old +$20 it had reached in 2000.

Another good example of an overall chart that I don't like is Tecsys Inc. (TCS). We note exactly the same scenario here:

I am looking for stocks who has a perfect chart. An example of a perfect chart is Canadian National Railway Co (CNR):

CNR certainly represent THE perfect chart, all the way up, it exceed its 2008 value. What I am looking for is for stocks who are permanently sitting their best assets (not to say ass) on their highest value ever. Of course, those stocks are hard to find, but I always find new ones, like for example, Mainstreet Equity Corp. (MEQ):

This chart is "rockier" than CNR, but still, Mainstreet Equity Corp. (MEQ) has a lot to offer to investors. Its just too bad that MEQ doesn't pay any dividend.

With this simple strategy that consist at "reading" overall charts, you'll read chart like a fortune-teller read palms for your really own benefit. There's nothing complicated when it comes to investing in stocks. Of course, good past results don't mean that a stock will continue to have good results in the future, but please, tell me, what are the risks for Canadian National Railway Co (CNR) to worth next to nothing in the years to come? That risk is really low. 

A good lecture of an overall chart will tell you a lot about the personality of a stock. We had lived several crisis before, including the 2008 stock crash - which is the most symbolic one for me. A stock that is volatile will show a rocky stock. CNR is not what I will define as being a volatile stock.

While browsing on the different screens present in Stockopedia, its mainly what I do, looking at the overall chart of each and single stocks presnt in all of those screens.

All of Canadian weed stocks, including Aphria Inc. (AHP) that I hold inside my non-registered portfolio, all have really rocky volatile stocks. And as long I am concern, none of them pay dividend distribution. Pot stocks are too volatile and are far as being good investments like Canadian National Railway Co (CNR). I hold APH for now, but when I get the chance to sell out of shares, I will.

I am hunting for the exceptional, and that's always really hard to find, but I recently got lucky. I had found a really perfect stock: Cargojet Inc. (CJT):

Yes, this overall chart of Cargojet Inc. (CJT) is albsolutely PERFECT and that's why that this being is now in my investment portfolio. To make smart investment decision is quite simple and easy. No need to have any financial knowledge - I don't have any -, read the overall chart and make some killer findings. Now, the only question is, what are you waiting for? 

And let's not forget to cheer up the TSX before brushing your teeth for bedtime.

So go go go sexy darling. GOOOOOOOOooooo


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