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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

No more juicy dividend for AltaGas Ltd (ALA)

Finally, the TSX gain closed to 200 points, no too bad. Those gains had a positive effect on my investment. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $171 122.60, my TFSA portfolio at $75 067.72, and my RRSP, at $37 564.45. Aecon Group Inc. (ARE) continues its road to glory with interesting gains. It took some time for ARE to catch up, but Ottawa didn't help the cause by rejecting ARE acquisition by a Chinese state-owned company. I like this kind of industrial stocks. I had great success with my investments in Toromont Industries Ltd (TIH) and WSP Global Inc. (WSP). It really fit me well and looks good on me. Thank you for the free cash TIH and WSP.

Wow wow wow.

Bad news for AltaGas Ltd (ALA) today, it will no longer pay a dividend and is kind in big restructuration process. I lived something similar in the early days when I was holding to New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI). But NFI turns out just right and bring me a lot of $$$. Will it be the same story success this time for AltaGas Ltd (ALA)? Unfortunately, I don't think so. Natural gas doesn't seem to be a profitable sector for the long run. I got stuck with EnCana Corporation (ECA) in my RRSP portfolio and this stock has a real problem to go back to its old high value.

I would like my readers to stay away from natural gas stocks like ALA, and ECA. There are so many great stocks on the TSX, you can certainly leave behind those two little losers. Make mommy proud.

Anyhow, I have those two little losers in my portfolio, but I am certainly not a loser. I am looking forward to sell my ALA stocks and reinvest the money. I was thinking about investing in TD stocks, since the stock is trading low right now. I don't have any problem with selling stocks from time to time, when I have my reasons. Its always a personal choice, but the choice is all yours to take.

The stock market is a place of complete liberty. No one can restraint your orders, you are free to buy and sell whatever you want, whenever you want, no need to argue with anyone and its what I like about it. I don't like to waste my time, I don't like working in a "team", I hate having to deal every day with colleagues, I hate being gentle and polite. So the TSX is my place to do everything I want and trust me, I am taking over all the place. Me and that bitch, it's for life. That's why I have this crazy awesome portfolio.

In other words, I am really awesome.

Go go go TSX you can make it to the 15 000 points! PLEASE!

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Anonymous said...

Hey DG, AltaGas Ltd (ALA) didn't say that it no longer pay dividend. It says it is cancelling Premium Dividend Reinvestment Plans (PDRP), not its regular dividend payment. Some media headlines mislead people.

I anticipate that ALA will cut its dividend by around 60% by end of the this month.

It already took a hard hit.... selling at low is not a great idea. ALA has a great assets and solid cash-flow. It made a bad acquisitions (over-paid) in U.S, which is causing all these problems.


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