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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Cargojet Inc. (CJT) is the perfect stock for the perfect Dividend Girl

The TSX didn't continue in its glory gains of yesterday, but my numbers are about the same as yesterday. It feel great to have my non-registered in the 175k. I will be up and running in no time, so I am drinking my glass of Martini in the hope of future gains. I actually bought my first bottle of Martini last weekend and I kind of like it. A like alcohol once in a while, but I am not into drugs or weed, even if today mark its first day of legacy in Canada.

I am really glad that I invested in Cargojet Inc. (CJT) inside my TFSA account because 2.73%. And just in case you are really curious, on how I find this killer stock, its not a secret, I wrote it before, I find CJT using Stockopedia screens. And sincerely, I wish that CJT take the place of my late Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) inside my TFSA portfolio. I felt the pressure to sell off EIF following Marc Cohodes evil games. And I never felt so devastated. Even today, EIF is not were it used to be. Just like Donald Trump, I suspect Marc Cohodes to have a tiny little penis. Very little and very delicate, useless as the man that he is.

Personally, I don't find that Stormy Daniels has a horseface. I actually find her quite pretty, but I wouldn't like to be in her shoes. Trump should look at his wife face, Melania has a real strange face, but Stormy has a perfect face. Would you like to see my face? Well, you won't ever see if, but in exchange of your fidelity, I give you everything, except me.

And sometimes, you don't even need a penis to be a good stock picker. You just need Stockopedia.


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