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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

With Fortis Inc. (FTS), I get what I need: DIVIDEND $$$

Nice little jump for the TSX today. But one question remain: how long will it take for the TSX to go back to its old 16 500 points?

My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $175 168.29. My investment in TFI International Inc. (TFII) gain 1.79%, which confirm my good taste when it comes to stocks. I only fall for the really best. My TFSA portfolio closed today session at $77 358.86. Inside my TFSA portfolio, my investment in Cargojet Inc. (CJT) gains 1.39%. Let's go my girl. Its not anything soon that I am going to fail on the stock market. I am not ready to pay off my margin debt yet and its not anytime soon that I am going to stop investing in stock. Especially now, it feel like the real game is only beginning. I want my $300 000 net worth. My RRSP portfolio closed today session at $38 360.13. 

To make the story short, if you are looking for investments that will perform well on the long run and pay back in dividend, feel free to invest in my TFII and CJT, but don't go with mutual funds, and certainly don't go with an investment that is manage by a Quebecker, the JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) of Jean-François Tardif is an example of a bad investment manage by a so call professional who's only an investment fee sucker. You basically pay for a name that no longer has any notoriety. Jean-François Tardif has prove that he's nothing more than an incompetent Quebecker, and in Quebec, they are many like him, to fresh, arrogant, an incapable of getting good returns for their investors. You should definitively avoid any investment manage under a Quebecker. As for Quebec stocks, some worth it, but there again, don't invest too much in the same Quebec company and keep track safely. I own really good Quebec stocks, like TFII, SIS, LAS.A, but I manage and I manage and I manage. This mean that I keep track. I actually do something that Jean-François Tardif doesn't know how to do anymore: manage money for its profit. But don't ask too much for Quebeckers, its a province of losers.

I had been holding to Fortis Inc. (FTS) for a long time now inside my non-registered portfolio. When it come to investment, I take my duty seriously, I am all in to make money, and I try to hold to the best. And Fortis Inc. (FTS) is one of those investments, a must have. FTS always been a good loyal investment, its one of my rock, and that it probably won't change in the years to come. Best of all, FTS increase its dividend distribution on a regular basis. And today. Fortis Inc. announced a 5.9% increased of its dividend. 

With my recent portfolio changes, my annual dividend income (excluding RRSP) is now at $8 640.17. Not too bad. I don't really focus on my dividend income. Its much more important to hold to really good stocks that will fight and perform on the long run, rather than purchasing whatever stock that offer a too juicy dividend.

And for that reason, I find myself really really bright. I have sell my investment CHP.UN at profit and it was about time. Sell when you can, pray and eat breakfast.

And best of luck, because you'll need some.

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