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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Getting ready to say goodbye to Nutrien Ltd. (NTR)

Another really difficult day for the TSX, as well as for the American markets. My non-registered portfolio close the day at $171 345.34, my TFSA portfolio at $76 123.63, and my RRSP portfolio, stocks only, at $37 643.49. Its a tough situation, but hard times are always the best time to have a good hard look at yourself.... In my case, I am sitting my pretty assets on a big fat margin of over $98 000. That's borrowed money that I don't own. And owning a big fat margin is quite dangerous these days. Fact is, we could be in for more difficult days to come. 

In the old days, I just adore my Agrium stocks, I made a great deal of money when Nutrien Ltd. (NTR) was Agrium. I am currently on a little capital gain on NTR and I find that this is just the really perfect time to sell NTR and pay down my margin. I am also looking forward to sell a few other stocks of my non-registered portfolio: Saputo Inc. (SAP), and BCE Inc. (BCE). This will help to reduce my margin and I really have no problem with selling those 3 stocks.

Now, selling stocks inside a TFSA portfolio is quite nice because while doing so, you won't pay tax on the capital gain. Inside my TFSA, I have a few stocks which are in good position, with a capital gain: BMO, CHP.UN, FC, NA, NWC and CM. I don't really care about those stocks and I am thinking about selling them inside my TFSA, and after transferred the cash to my margin, to pay it off. 

All together, the sell of those assets will hep to bring down my margin to $75 000, which is more better. I could even push it harder. In my investment life, I had invested in oil only because Derek Foster, in his early days, was holding to PPL, and ENF, and ENB. I am not that a fan of oil and I find it quite horrible for me to be an oil investor. Like if I would be a piece of shit or something even worst. The only problem is that I had recorded so far a lot of $$$ in term of capital gain on those stocks. So if I sell them, I will pay taxes on the capital gain, because I hold PPL, ENF and ENB in my non-registered portfolio.

I am still thinking, but its certainly clear for me that I am going to sell NTR tomorrow, and SAP, and BCE.

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