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Monday, October 24, 2016

A success story in my investment portfolio: Park Lawn Corporation (PLC)

I wanted to track back of when I actually took the very awesome decision to invest in PLC by searching on the archives of my blog - writing a blog is actually a good way to keep track of those kind of things. It was actually back in July 2016 that I invested in Park Lawn Corporation (PLC). PLC is a stock that I found on Stockopedia. Since July 2016, Park Lawn Corporation (PLC) had grow of 21.62% inside my RRSP portfolio. A 21.62% within 3 months, its quite fabulous!!!! Its not fabulous. Its spectacular.

I wasn't exactly aware of this before, but this marvelous stock of mine was trading, prior to October 17, 2016, just a few days ago, on the TSX Venture Exchange. Just by switching from the Venture to the regular game, Park Lawn Corporation (PLC) gain a lot of value. Now that PLC is trading on the main index, the stock is going to gain exposure and EVERYONE will want some of my precious PLC stocks in their portfolio. So go ahead, do your job, invest in PLC and make me richer than ever BEFORE. And thank you Stockopedia! I never heard of PLC before reading about it on Stockopedia. Without the site, I had never know about it. There's no chance.

While searching for PLC on my blog, I went through this post. Back on July 30, my net worth was at $164 403.10. On October 22, my net worth turned out to be $180 625.30. Its a good increased of an unexpected $16 222.30 in 3 months. I was told that once I reached the 100k, things would get a lot easier, but I could never imagine that it was going to be this easy! Of course, I am now only dreaming of the time when my net worth will be $200 000.

My very first stock investment had been made several years ago when I was still young and innocent and that my soul was pure and only wanted a $50k of its own. The first stock that I ever bought was in Sprott Inc. (SII). I bought at $10. Following what, SII it went down, it went up again. I sell, I bought. But following that, Sprott Inc. (SII) went all the way down and at that point, it was like static. I don't see SII going anywhere and lately, I had been extremely annoyed by holding on to a such miserable stock inside my TFSA portfolio.

So I did what she needed to do. Today, I sell out all of the Sprott Inc. (SII) stocks that I was holding inside of my TFSA. Its now official, I no longer have anything to do with Sprott shit and ever from my life, I will do my best to stay in control and never ever again invest in SII or invest in something having some kind of relation with Eric Sprott. Its over. I am calling for divorce. SII is now only part of my trading history. Its just coming out as a normal breakup because I am so much better than anything related or only slimy remotely related to Eric Sprott can offer me at this time, goodbye. Me and Sprott, most of the time, it is not working at all!!! I am fully successful with Sprott stuff so over time, understand the frustration. Here I am now. I am doing much much better without Eric Sprott. Fact is, I AM BETTER. MUCH MUCH BETTER. If you want to make money out of the stock market, you need to follow the Dividend Girl, not Eric Sprott or Sprott Inc. (SII) or even worst Sprott Asset Management. Firm like Sprott only exist to suck money from small investors. No money can be made from Sprott, but they are making their big bucks on our back. Is that suppose to be fair? No its not. That's why I decided to cut it short.

I sold my SII stocks, just like I sold RNX out of my portfolio not too long ago.

And the too smart girl that I am reinvest all of the money in Stornoway Diamond Corp (SWY). More diamonds for the me PLEASE. The party just begin. SWY is in huge fire. That's why I jump in again. I now own Stornoway Diamond Corp (SWY) in both my TFSA and non-registered account.


frederic said...

Not sure about Sornoway. It's a penny stock, mining with no revenue right now, and at this exact moment it looks on my screen like it hit a 1.30$ ceilling and now bouncing downward. It's down 2.5% right now I just could not get into these stock if I couldn't watch them during the day to get in and out rapidly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny,
Well in Ontario, anyone with taxable income over $20K pays the Ontario Health Premium. So Quebec is not the only "have-not" province ;)



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