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Thursday, June 13, 2019

I am having some problems with TD Direct

The TSX closed on a positive note, but nothing really exciting. is going on. This is kind of the perfect time to go on a vacation right now. I guess you could take a whole week off, come back, and things would be exactly the same. This is what the TSX gave me as energy lately: nothing at all. While being in a state of no excitement, the TSX left me today with a non-registered portfolio at $119,476.51‬, my TFSA portfolio at $72,134.67 and my RRSP, at $45,267.67.

I don't know what's going on, but I had proceed with a transfer from my bank account to my margin account, and my Caisse called me today to say that TD had refused my payment?!!! But I proceed with this type of transfer ALL THE TIME!??? So I just hang up with TD. First, I notice that my Transfer button to transfer from my margin to my internal credit lines (I got 2) was no longer in the upper corner right in my broker account. DRAMA. But than, I discover that it's under My Account - Cash transfers and foreign exchange. I don't know why they had proceed with such change. It was a lot more user friendly to have a Transfer button right in my face. They had place to leave it where it was before, there's plenty of space in the upper corner right.

But the mystery remain regarding the payment that TD had refused. Like this is a complete mess. I am not happy TD Direct. I taught: ok this is it, after all those years of managing my margin like a pro, it's now that I am getting margin f"ck like a sucker?! But I have over 31k left of available money on my margin?? COME ON TD Direct, stop treating me like shit. I am going to proceed with the payment one more time, and if it get refused, I will simply open a new broker account someplace else, or start something like what could be a second portfolio someplace else.

Because when you think about it more seriously, I have big chuck of my little fortune with TD. If something get wrong, like that non received payment - but more dramatic problem - if anything happen, I am in a bad position. CIBC always been really great to me so I taught about opening an brokerage account with them, but what stop I think was that a minimum was required, so I don't know. I need to check it out.

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