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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Check out those super great videos of the Dividend Girl on YouTube!

You are not hearging much of me for multiple reasons, and one of them being that I am taking little videos of some of the shows I recently went to on YouTube:

SANS PRESSION!!!! Crazy but respectful crowd.

I like that kind of videos where there's no editing at all, and the zooming goes in and out in the wood and the screen is shaking up and stuff. Rock on baby, rock ON. Aahah! And just to naturally add to the excitement of the past hot couple days, the TSX is getting back in track! Will we go back to the old 16 600, 16 700 points anytime soon? My answer to that is YES. Nothing is impossible, especially since the TSX closed today session at 16,503.35‬ points. In result, my non-registered portfolio closed today session at $121,112.2‬0, my TFSA portfolio at $73,050.81. I was so happy by the boom that I allow myself to buy a coffee ;-)

I had a quick look at all of my baby stocks, I didn't proceed with any sell or buy. Aecon Group Inc. (ARE) had caught me, I am getting stronger on the stock and I am almost experiencing a gain on ARE. Go go go ARE! The $250 000 net worth is just around the corner.

Have a good summer.

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