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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Brookfield Asset Management Inc. (BAM.A): in the radar of Christine Poole

Christine Poole, CEO and managing director at GlobeInvest Capital Management was at BNN for the Market Call. Like me, Poole like BAM.A, but I doubt she actually loves it as much as I do. I do not own it yet in my portfolio, but one day it will.

Currently, the stock market is not fun or exciting, it's actually pretty boring out there right now. I am trying to concentrate on saving money. I am just at the breaking point where I would really like to get a hair cut to get exactly the same Marilyn Monroe hair cut I got right before my Easter vacation. I could afford, but that would take away $65, but I am really determined to keep that $65 in my pocket for the month of June. If I let my hair growth, the process will actually be quite easier because I will be able to attach them. My next hair cut could only be in August... I, however, doubt, because I never can stand myself really long without having my hair trim. Having curly hair is not helping my case. I have everything playing against me. I am a woman (being a woman cost more than being a man), I have curly hair, I love coffee, and I have a huge appetite.

With the nice weather, it makes it somewhat easier and not to save money. The sun brings in the idea of new clothes, like pretty summer dresses... but I made another commitment to myself: not to purchase any clothes this summer. The only thing that I may allow myself is just a pair of new sandals, but I can do without. I have an upcoming 2 weeks vacation in July. In those 2 weeks, I will probably be spending most of the saving made in June. That's why I am trying to go easy in June. If I don't buy any makeup and clothes, chances are that I will probably be able to save at least $1 500. But that's all mine to do.

When the summer finally began like it did for this past weekend, I usually get a pedicure. So far, I did my nails myself, but it's always easier and fun to have them done. But I didn't. The amount of money I saved by doing my nail myself is $40. It's actually quite some money. If you add up all of the little savings you can do in a month, you could, like me, exceed in the 1k in saving every month. But it's something that requests some sacrifices. I used to go to the movies one a week, I no longer do that anymore, I used to get my nails done from time to time, I don't anymore... Stuff like that. Those type of savings help a lot because I do spend some money on coffees and eating out. I, however, try to control the expenses made in those areas. Clothes shopping is another area that can eat up your bucks, as well as makeup and beauty products.   

It's not easy to save money in Montreal, there are too many spending temptations in this damn city. While trying to save some bucks, you need to have that precious idea in your head on a daily basis. And be strong, while fighting your demons.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes you have to live a little. Rent in Montreal is so cheap compared to Toronto. Which one is you in the pics you posted last weekend?

Sunny said...

It must be awful to be living in Toronto, Vancouver.....
I am in none of those pictures, but I hope you had enjoyed them.
I even have more picture to load :-) Other picture posts to come.


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