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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

I cannot wait to get rid of BMO Bank of Montreal (BMO) inside my TFSA portfolio

Personally, I don't like cats, I ADORE cats, but unluckily, flurry friends make me suffer from asthma. I tempted to forget about my asthma, because I guess my lungs are stronger now from years getting to the gym, but asthma just doesn't simply disappear like that overnight. And I am pretty sure that if I get too friendly with cute flurry cats like Smoothie & Milkshake, I will probably suffer from an asthma attack. So I cannot get any sweet cat of my own, that's quite sad but guess what, my little favorites had come with a 2020 calendar!!! (And I can get it!).

It's just too adorable! I am going to buy Smoothie and Milkshake 2020 calendar like now. And it's done. It's an absolute must-have to any cat lovers :-) It may sound early now to get a 2020 calendar, but if you place your order now, you'll get a 30% off. I have ordered my calendar, did you order yours? That calendar is quite a good idea that the owner of those lovely cats had. Smoothie and Milkshake are among Internet most well-known cats. And you got to think that those precious need loving care, vet visits, toiletries, toys, food and treats like... catnip. I am pretty sure that those two cats are like super high maintenance. So that calendar is my little contribution to the well-being of Smoothie & Milkshake, may they entertained us for many years ahead.

I was happy to see the TSX gaining some valuable points yesterday, but today wasn't that good. Since Savaria Corporation (SIS) was experiencing some gains (yesterday), I decided not to sell it. If a stock is gaining value on a day that I may feel like selling it, it's mean that the stock wants me and doesn't want to leave my portfolio - really simple thinking that lead to super smart financial choices if you see what I mean. With me, everything is simple. And that's how Monday saved Savaria Corporation (SIS). I took the wise decision to leave the beautiful alone inside my non-registered portfolio and in my other portfolios as well, even if today SIS was down. My mind wasn't set to sell, so I didn't. My non-registered portfolio closed yesterday session at $111,290.17, my TFSA portfolio at $78,408.11‬ and my RRSP portfolio at $45,935.99. I had registered a nice gain yesterday compared to this past Friday. Today, my non-registered portfolio closed at $110,215.51‬, my TFSA portfolio at $77,933.52 and my RRSP portfolio at $45,557.31‬.

I am almost getting ready to sell RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust (REI.UN) without facing any damaging. Once REI.UN is out of the way, I could pick a nice investment, combine with the cash that came from the sell Lightspeed POS Inc. (LSPD). Yesterday, I wrote about a new stock that I found on Stockopedia: First National Financial (FN). The overall chart of FN looks great, just the way I like them, quite strong, but not among the strongest chart I have ever seen. And I am not a fan of businesses dealing with mortgages. Mortgage is a cruel invention made for the poor people to access to properties. It's a debt hole that is making people have to suck to their job until their late 60s, 70s... And it's quite sad. I may just have a net worth in the 200k that may not impress everyone like that guy over there. I am in search of a million, I just want to have a little more for myself. For me, real richness starts with nothing more or less than a $300 000. It's my magic number. And if I can ever reach that net worth, be sure you will be hearing of it. I am having big trouble big times to get there.

However, I am almost there in order to get rid of REI.UN - I cannot wait. Another stock that I want to say good-bye to ASAP is BMO Bank of Montreal (BMO). In my portfolio, BMO is the only bank stock that I hold that is currently down in value. That means that BMO Bank of Montreal (BMO) is not among top Canadian bank stock. BMO is not a true strong performer and I deserved much poor than a poor Quebeck stock in my portfolio. I only want the best and BMO Bank of Montreal (BMO) is strictly garbage that belongs to Quebecker investors. I am way to smart to be holding on to some BMO stocks. Please excuse me.

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Anonymous said...

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Buying a house is not just about value going up because the market is going up, it's hedge against money deflation, i.e. the value of money and the purchase power shrinking over time. If you deposited 100k$ in the bank in 2009, it would have lost 20% of its actual purchasing power in 10 years. In other words, it would be worth about 80,000$ today. So we invest, in stocks or housing, firstly just to preserve our purchasing power, just to stay even with inflation.

Putting money in a house preserves the purchasing power over time, even after all the interest, expenses, etc. And then on top of that you have also growth in value because of demand and housing market. The growth of Montreal housing is around 8% annualized. Many of us made 20% in a just a few years.

Putting equity in a house is a fundamental and necessary diversification and there is no one that is rich that doesn't have equity in a house.

For people who don't have a lot money, mortgage can be an auto-saving plan, it's forcing them to save and it's going into something solid that will grow steadily and pay off at retirement.

Yes, it costs a lot in interest, but it's a huge leverage investing opportunity accessible to everyone and resilient to market crashes and financial crises.


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