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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

An unwanted couple in Canada: "Prince" Harry & Meghan Markle

I just don't understand why Harry and Meghan want to live in Canada, both don't belong here and they are not Canadians. Both don't have strong accomplishments under their belt. They are being known as a Ken and Barbie doll, well dressed, looking good, but other than that, nothing else to take about. No matter what, Harry is part of the monarchy, that's his world, where he belongs. Just a few months following their royal wedding, their departure from full-time royal life doesn't make any sense. It's quite a selfish, self-centered move. I feel Harry and Meghan as being too involved in themselves. Personally, my relationship with the monarchy had evolved. In Canada, we are too much of a great country to have any link at all to any monarchy system. This is a bad gift coming from colonialism. It's quite disgusting to think that our hard earn money might have to go to cover the cost of the security of Harry and Meghan, especially knowing how much they had screamed that they wanted to be financially independent. I however somewhat have a good feeling about William, which I find is much more of a giver than his younger brother, much less selfish, and I think he can do a lot of good for his country. One day, he will make for sure a great king, but all that stuff doesn't concern Canada. We shouldn't be considered as part of their kingdom.
One of my favorite stock of the moment, Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL), had recently increased their dividend distribution. It allows me to push my annual dividend income (including dividend coming from my RRSP portfolio) to $9 302.72. Good financial news only follows good news these days, at least for me, and I guess also for everyone. The TSX is rocking my world and is on it's highest value EVER. With all this goodness, my net worth is probably in the $247 000. I hope the TSX will close on a good note so I can update my investment portfolio again. Who knows, I have all the chances of the world to hit on a $250k net worth real soon. And from there, just watch me reaching the 300k!!

Nice dreams, but while talking, I am more and more thinking about selling my investment in Corby Distilleries Limited (CSW.A). The money would go to pay down my margin account. I have close to 4k in cash inside my TFSA portfolio, but I don't know what o do with that money. Isn't it kind of a lovely problem, to have money to spend, to invest, to do whatever I want with it, but not knowing what do to with it? As you know if you read each and every single words of mine, I no longer have access to Stockopedia so I am kind of a dog trying to reach out to her tail, but obviously, I don't have one, and obviously, I no longer have that Stockopedia. The search for the perfect stock is still on and is a never-ending one. 

One thing I know for sure, that 4k cash in my TFSA will remain in my TFSA. One reason is that I didn't make any new contribution to my TFSA portfolio so far for 2020. Having the chance to have money in cash inside a TFSA portfolio is a huge benefit. I believe that no one should take off money from a TFSA portfolio, unless you really need it. Right now, I am not feeling like moving that cash out from my TFSA.

Basically, I have no idea what to do with my money, but it's not a negative thing at all. It's quite ok this way, better to do nothing rather than doing a stupid and dumb investment move. Once I will know what to so, it will be the best investment move you will have never seen of your life, so have sweet dreams on that.

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