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Thursday, January 16, 2020

I finally made it! My net worth is now exceeding $250,000! YEAH!

This is it!!!!!! 


Actually, my net worth is now at $250,595. With a TSX closing at 17,484.77 points, I knew that I was definitively on my highest value EVER! These days, the TSX set record highs day after day after day! Again today, I updated my investment portfolio. You may have noticed, on the date of today, Corby Distilleries Limited (CSW.A) is no longer from my non-registered portfolio. I decided to sell CSW.A. I was able to cash in a nice profit. The money went to pay down my margin account, which is now at $46,242.32. I now have $4,942.63 in my savings account. I will do my best to have a 5k for February and keep it that way.

I still have close to 4k in cash inside my TFSA portfolio. I will have more time this weekend to think about my next investments. This evening, Enquêtes, a French TV journalist show put the spotlight on a company that I own in my non-registered portfolio for many years: Spauto Inc. (SAP). Lino Saputo had a relationship with the mafia. The Saputo family came from Sicilia, where the mafia is from. At that time, it was the only way for them to do business. And let's not forget the really humble beginning of the Saputo family when they arrived in Canada, when Lino had to give his pocket money to his father, so they could have a $500 to start their cheese business in Montreal. It's quite a touching story. And this is exactly the kind of business that I want to hold in my portfolio. I want to hold businesses for which their owners would do absolutely everything they need to do and fight for their achievements. Because their achievements also became my achievements, since I am a stockholder.

The Saputo needed to have good relations with the mafia in order to expand their business in the US and other countries. It was the way it used to be, nothing to be ashamed of. However, Lino Saputo always denied any relations with the mafia. The spotlights are on Saputo Inc. right now because Lino Saputo had the really bad idea to publish his memoirs, in which he denied any relationship with the mafia. I guess for him, the exchanges he had with some mafia members were not wrong, but he should have never written a single word about it. Don't you ever believe that you can become bloody rich by always playing clean, because I don't believe it, especially while being an immigrate. Lino Saputo is the richest man in Quebec, he should have known that sometimes, you need to shut it off. 

I don't mind dirty play from time to time, as long as it doesn't hurt no one. I do not believe in clean business.

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