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Thursday, January 9, 2020

Reaching out my highest net worth value EVER: $244,970.41

Despite all the bad things going on right now in the world, Australia's bad fires, Prince Harry and Meghan that may move to Canada, the situation between Iran and the US, and so many more... despite it all, the TSX remains solid like a rock and closed today session at a fantastic 17,235.57 points. I had my eyes on Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL) today and while watching it gaining more than 4%, I knew that I was on something hot. This was going to be a good day for me I knew it, so I quickly updated my investment portfolio

It's official, I finally made it, I pop up the 240k net worth! I am currently sitting on a $244,970.41 pot of gold. This is the highest net worth value I had ever reached. And the best thing being, I am not missing much before hitting on the 250k. All I can say is that this year 2020 is starting the right way. I still believe in my chances to reach out to the 300k net worth by the end of the year.

Today, Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL) finally performed the way I wanted. Back in 2019, I had invested in Kinder Morgan Canada Limited restricted (KML) following the announcement buyout by PPL. That investment brought in quite some excitement. I was really sure of my move and never doubt that success was among the way. Later on, KML had been magically transformed into some PPL stocks and as a result now, I am registering some interesting capital gains. 

It's all good stuff at this moment, but I still have a bit of work on the way. On my "maybe" to-do list or stuff I am just thinking about:

-To sell my investment in General Mills Inc. (GIS) and reinvest the money in another US stock.
-Reinvest the cash that I currently have inside my TFSA portfolio.
-Do a cash contribution for my TFSA.
-To sell my Corby Distilleries Limited (CSW.A) stocks.

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