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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Some good stuff going on for Aphria Inc. (APH) (finally!)

I first bought Aphria Inc. (APH) way back just to trade it. I first bought and sell quickly to make a little profit. I should have stopped there, but I decided to reinvest again in APH. Since that time, Aphria Inc. (APH) shares value had dropped, and ever since, I had been stuck with APH in my non-registered portfolio. However, there's hope ahead for Aphria Inc. (APH). Last week, APH announced the acquisition in the US of SweetWater Brewing Company, an independent craft brewer. Let's hope that this acquisition will have a positive impact on APH. 

This past Friday session, my non-registered portfolio closed on $99,731.20, my TFSA portfolio at $93,574.21 and my RRSP portfolio at $49,888.14. Currently, my non-registered portfolio almost worth as much as my TFSA portfolio, but that won't last for long. Tomorrow, all flashers are saying that stock markets are going to open on a higher value, so we'll have to look and see. I may have all my chances to hit on the magic 300k in 2021.

I am slowly beginning the talk with my old folks - meaning that I won't be with them for Christmas. The Quebec-New Brunswick border is currently close and it will probably remain close in December. I really hope that the border will remain close until a vaccine that actually works is being found and distribute among the population. Personally, I prefer things that way. If I would have to go home in New Brunswick, I probably would have to take the plane to Moncton, isolate there for 15 days, and only after that, take a bus home, if there's any, but Maritime Bus seems to be up and running. I won't involve myself in such problems, especially during winter, no thank you. That's the plan if I have no choice.

Inside my RRSP portfolio, I have a little investment in CAE Inc. (CAE). Big or small, all of my investments are important in my portfolios. Surprisingly, I am on a gain of +4.84 on CAE. Recently, Quebec province announces an investment of 30 million in CAE Inc. (CAE). Following a difficult period, there's hope ahead for CAE.

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