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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Welcoming a net worth of $243,802.59

As you may have seen, I have updated my super great investment portfolio yesterday. I was really please with the result. However, I wasn't able to update the part concerning the Manuvie investments that I hold in my RRSP portfolio because I wasn't able to access their platform yesterday, despite trying a couple of times, so I just used the same number that I had in my August 17 portfolio update. For that reason, my net value was probably a bit higher than $240 433.32 yesterday.

And today, since the TSX decided to close the day at a beautiful 16,615.37 points, I decided to update again my investment portfolio. Today version is a short cut version because updating my portfolio is always a long job, since I hold so many stocks. I just copy and paste the entire value of my non-registered, TSFA and RRSP stocks only portfolios - instead of putting the value for each and single stock. This is the first time that I am publishing a short cut version of my portfolio and I may use again the same template "short cut" in the future.

At now $243,802.59, my portfolio gains +$3,369.27 between yesterday and today. The 250k is now not that far away, but it's nothing to impress me. I had reached 250k in net worth in the past. The first time that I reached that amount as the net worth was back in January of this year. Just a few months ago, in February, I was on my highest net worth value EVER: $257,187.44. I probably won't be able to hit back that same value by the end of 2020, but I have all my chances to hit on the $300,000 - maybe.

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