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Friday, November 27, 2020

Welcoming my highest net worth value EVER: $257,331.58

Today, I reached my highest net worth value ever: $257,331.58. Before today, my highest net worth value was reached back in February of this year: $257,187.44‬. I am currently exceeding my best result by only $144.14, but still, it's a little victory, especially knowing how difficult 2020 had been. I may be able to close the year on a $260k net worth. No one can know for sure, including me. Once you hit a certain number, and that the stock market goes all the way down, it's just a matter of time before you hit back your best number. I had experienced many highs and lows among the way and the drill remain the same. It can be tough sometimes, but one thing you can certainly keep in mind is that it's only a number. 

The reality is that $257,331.58 is nice, but it doesn't change anything about my life. Even if I would have a 300k net worth, my life will remain the same, but that's the path I need to follow to jump to the real business Fact that I am now holding on to a $257,331.58 is certainly nice and more than I ever imagined, but that's only a number. Enjoy your time of glory when it comes - mine was today -, and if it has to go away, it will come back one day or the other, sooner or later.

I was off yesterday and today as well, I have a bunch of vacation days at work that I didn't take because I was always hoping that this pandemic was going to end... But December is about to kick in and the pandemic is still on, I took a few days here and there and I have close to 2 weeks off for Christmas, 2 weeks that I will, unfortunately, spend right here in Montreal. Today was Black Friday in Montreal stores and I had spent a bit of money. I bought a nice leather purse for my mom, but I will wait to see her before giving it to her. For my father, it's always difficult to find something. One year for Christmas, I gave him some beauty products - but for men, like lotion and stuff and I was laughing hard and ask him if we had like his gift. It was hilarious because it's just not his type of thing. 

One year I bought a nice winter hat, another year a nice scarf, but now, I am a bit off in terms of a gift. Maybe a wallet? I cannot buy him perfume for sure because he couldn't stand the smell... All that to say that for my father, finding a gift is always more complicated. While this pandemic is still around, it gave me more time to find the perfect Christmas gift because I won't spend Christmas with them this year.

While spending more and more time here in Montreal, I decided today to registered back to Stockopedia, which means that I decided to pay to access the service. I had found many great stocks on Stockopedia, like Richards Packaging Income Fund (RPI.UN), Park Lawn Corporation (PLC) and many others.

Today, Stockopedia subscription was 50% off so I decided to take advantage. I miss Stockopedia. Now I am getting back into it and I already find some new stock picks that I will soon write about. Nothing been the satisfaction of finding a little something new for in investment portfolio and I totally get that with Stockopedia.

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