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Monday, February 2, 2009

Another month

We are now in February, another month had passed by without me being able to reach my first 50 000$ lol But that’s ok.

The situation is looking a bit better at my jobs, even if the overtime had been cut at my evening job. And now, I begin to regret times where overtime was available and I wasn’t doing any or so little… But again, the overall is not looking so bad at the end, but only at the end. And I get a point where I get exhausted, just like for last Sunday evening. But I felt a lot more better Monday morning and I didn’t sleep in like I taught I would as I was feeling better than the previous evening. The weekly routine is quite awful for me. Week after week, day after day, I know exactly what my day will be, from 9 am to midnight, from Monday to Friday, no surprises, or almost none. And than, again, Saturday and Sunday….(lol)…. But good thing it’s only an 8 hours shift on the weekend. And the fact is that if it wasn’t from it, I wouldn’t be able to purchase as much stocks and I really enjoy investing, as I keep writing.

I plan maybe to take a couple of days of vacations from my evening job. I now accumulate something like 1 000$ in vacation pay. I try to cash in the money without having to take the vacations, but it’s seemed impossible. And I taught of that idea that it’s should be aloud by government to cash in vacation pay if it’s for RRSP investments. I am in this situation like now.

All my little efforts seem to be so vain lol. Concrete real-life example: I had 30 000$ in my TD Waterhouse portfolio and now the 30 000$ only worth 18 000$.... lol. And there is multiples reason for this. A bad market and bad choices. Let say I learn from by bad moves. But it’s not that it should be read as bad moves by itself, its just maybe that I am trying too hard. The worst for me was Sprott and Timminco. At this time, Sprott is doing better than Timminco. If only Sprott could reach at least its original stock price, I will sale them all, and instead I would buy TD stocks or BNS or PGF.UN or just something else lol. I doubt Timminco will ever reach back its 20$ or so as the price is so low now. However, I do no regret any my choices and I continue enjoying the market and act stupidly lol. I just be just out of my mind when I purchased BN lol… I am just an operator and a survey girl after all.

My good moves and the ones I am proud of: FTS and PGF.UN. But also BNS and MX. And let’s add to that list LIV.UN and also MX. At this time, I still need a low market so I can invest massively in stocks. Just in 2008, I invest more than 30 000$ in my portfolio. I only need to repeat the same thing for 2009 and 2010. In 2010, I will be 30 and I hope I will be able to reach 15 000$ in dividend earnings at that time. And if, by any chance, the market remain as low as it is now, I will probably be able to built a nice portfolio who could provide more or less 5 000$ in dividend income by the end of 2009. That’s really the goal for 2009. I keep calculating over and over again my dividends earning from the stocks I have so far and I am still like, Wow! I just hope I am getting the whole concept correctly. And who said anyway that you have to understand the company you invest in? Oh yeah, it’s DF again. Well, I do not understand it all but my idea is that if I keep investing, than, something good will come out of it. Stock, market, all those companies, it is all complicated and it make it impossible for me to understand. And I barely know the company I earn. I will not deny it.

Thinking again, the really best would be a 2 years of low market. By low market I mean a market where stocks are cheap enough so I can purchase them all lol. Because I don’t have that much money, when a stock price reach 20$ or more, that’s expensive for me.

I will probably be able to purchase 200 extra stocks of PGF.UN by next week. For a total of 500 at the end, as I already own 300 of those precious stocks. I just pray that the stock price won’t explode in the meantime… !!! I could invest 1 000$ right now, but I prefer to wait and be able to invest around 2 000$ or a bit more and than purchase 200 stocks. At 29$ per trading, I way prefer to wait until next week. I just need to be more patient. But I am pretty please with my portfolio the way it is right now, even if I lost a lot of money and I won’t be too sad if I would have to stop purchasing stocks for a while because of a lack of work, job lost or anything else. From my point of view, my portfolio show a good potential of growing as time pass by. And it’s getting ridiculous, working 70 or more per week as result of a sweet obsession. But as far as I remember working, I almost had been working like this for a long time. And it get at a point that I want to cash in my vacation pay, but it’s seem not to be possible and I find it very unfair knowing that the money could had served for my RRSP.

Nothing else had been done this week for my RRSP. I am really getting bored when it get to it. The only left that I see I could do about it is the Fidelity Frontière Nord mutual fund and also the little money left in ING Direct. But lucky am I if I can reach 5 000$ this way for my 2008 RRSP. The best would be to be able to reach the max possible of 7 000$. But it’s look like things never turn out the way I want.


E said...

Congrats on your investing initiative! Your post showed up through my Google News alert on BNS. I too have purchased BNS for their future potential and good dividend payout at the current price.

I would like to raise a concern regarding the Trust Unit such as PGF.UN. I am not sure if you are aware of the law that would require companies which converted as Trust Unit for tax advantages to convert back by 2010 (I believe). At which point, they are not required to continue paying dividend. It doesn't mean it's a bad investment but you need to track the progress and the intention of the company.

Best of luck!

Another fellow investor.

Sunny said...

Hello there,

No, I didn't know about the convertion as I know so little about investment. But I am glade to know now. :) lol

Thanks for stopping by.


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