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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Me and Nadya Suleman

No that we have that much in common - but I will get back this part a bit later - but I have been very shocked, no that much about her giving birth to 8 cutties - but very more on the bad press she had received from those Americans. I listen to her interview and than - suddently - it all make more sense - it wasn't plan - she was not supposed to give birth to 8 babies. It's mostly the fault to her doctor than herself - but she, of course, never said such things in any of her interviews.

As for me and Nadya Suleman, we do not have in common, but:

She like children - I like children too

She's single - I am single too

She had a lonely children - growing up in New Brunswick was not the best

She's a look-like Angeline Jolie - but I am not lol

And I am looking to donate her some money.

Her Web site:

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