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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Facing dividends cut... again

This new dividend cut is making me laugh so much because I got that little piece of paper I made. On it, I carefully write my dividend earnings for the upcoming year. But, now, with the bad news coming from Pengrowth Energy, it’s look like I will have to throw away the precious little piece of paper.

It’s now the turn of my famous PGF.UN to announce dividend cut. But still, I am going to earn 50$ from this investment on the next distribution, which will be in March Just in February, with the DRIP I enroll in, I earn an extra 5 shares of PGF.UN. I would like to earn an extra 5 units in March also. But at the same time, I wouldn’t say no to a monthly 50$ in my pocket. It will pay for my Internet and extra coffees. As little money that I can make from those investment, I prefer just to DRIP from them at this time. Over time, I will accumulate more and more of those marvelous.

I am really looking into purchasing extra 500 units of PGF.UN. That way, I could earn 100$ per month - at this only condition - no more dividend lol

Everything is going fine for now at my jobs and at the full-time one, we begin to receive calls like crazy again like in the old days, which is good. Maybe some overtime will be available soon...

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