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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Worst day ever

The day went just fine, but at a point, I get upset at some point of the day. It take a lot of self control to ge through things like I am getting through and I am really happy to have my blog to at least be able to, if not doing something concrete about it, just to get some kind of a compensation. Anyway, what happen just show the stupidity of the whole thing and maybe some of my own stupidity. I was at my morning job – I was actually working this morning. Everything went super fine. At 1:30pm, at the time I usually finish, one of the supervisors tells something about me, that I could stay until 3PM if I wanted.

Which I was quitted happy of, but than, the other supervisor just told the exact opposite, that I had to go. That what piss me off. And I get to a point that I now have enough. Most of their major projects got cut off anyway and they are not very kind to anyone. They have as excuses that its because of the recession that’s going on in the states, but if they were just a bit more professional in their manners, maybe a lot would had been done in a much better way. I know them to well now and I know they did it just to piss me off. They were running out of numbers anyway and I could see that there was not going to have that much samples for the bunch of people we were. And anyway, I got tired of survey job. My life just makes any sense.

I get through the reading of the documentation I had received from BNS today and I have to say, I find it very interesting. I will probably vote FOR all the propositions. I just find it very cheap from the administration board of Scotia Bank to come along and say ok, here is why you have to vote AGAINST… It’s having the complete opposite effect on me. And when I go through the reading, from what I cam over from my very little interpretation is that the administrative board is suggesting voting AGAINST the different proposals because they do not defend their causes. And there that lady over there who do not even hold 200 stocks of BNS and she’s from the administrative board. Which I find totally out of the track. How can you be on the board of a society if you not only hold 200 stocks? That one had to get out of there and I want her out of there. Oh lol. With me, everyone is going to loose their job. I want them all out of there.

Since I am not working tomorrow, I could take the time maybe to go to an hospital for my left hand because its so weird, I don’t know what to think about it, if its broke of what. Its not getting any better or worst. But knowing myself, I will probably just stay up all night ans writting about everything and anything.

Tomorrow, I have no excuses, I can do my RRSP and all the other little thing I need to do. That's including searching for another job! Starting from right now!

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