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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Out of work again

This morning, I wake up as usual, prepared to get to work, and gave my morning call to see if there was worked from a pay phone close to the workplace… just to learn that there was no work available… It’s always the same crazy story each morning. From that part-time job, I now earn more or less 200$ per work. Before, it was better, I was able to work most of my hours and earn 250$. I was quitted happy with it.

I am really in need of a better – if not a better pay – a better stable part-time job. But I am in a mood for job searching. I am just too lazy at this time to do so. And I was happy to go back home this morning to enjoy my Internet connection. I order the Portable Internet of Rogers. Its not high speed Internet, but it’s allowing me too listen to music and surf the Web – basically the 2 major things I do with my computer. I had been working from Monday to Sunday non-stop. I enjoy a free morning.

There so much possibility right now in the market! Especially now, when the market get so low, PGF.UN is now less than 8$. Even if the dividend had been cut, PGF.UN represent for me a nice source of income, and it should only get better over time, knowing that once, dividend was of 2.65$.

My first 50 000$ is now from Associated Content! I registered a couple of days ago just for the fun of it. I just submit my first article - it took me 5 hours to write a 462 words article lol. I just hope the English is ok. Since like I am having some free time, it take something to occupy myself. It’s not easy to come with original ideas and write in English because it’s just not my language.

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