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Sunday, March 29, 2009

On what's going on with Blue Note Mining

I didn’t have too much time to do my search, but I read that Blue Note Mining had declared bankruptcy. Not that I was very surprised about the news as I knew things were not doing to well at Caribou (New Brunswick). But when I learned about them having discovered some gold near Caribou, I taught things were going to get a bit better… but it didn’t happen…

Its heartbreaking news and I was very sad to learn that Blue Note Mining had been delist from the TSX. BN had been moves into the TSX Venture, which I have no clue what it is about. The delist will be complete on April 1st. Now, I wonder if I should sale the investment or if I can still hold and if I hold – will the money remain? Just sooooo confusing. I didn’t receive any information on this what sort ever – a letter or anything. So I guess the only solution to know exactly what’s going on is… to contact TD Waterhouse! (lol!!!!!)

But what happen in my broker account is…extraordinary…

Blue Note Mining still appears in my account, no problem. But the amount is different. Back a couple of months ago, I had purchased 12 000 stocks of Blue Note Mining – main reason behind the purchase was because the company had a mine in New Brunswick. Which I find cool since I am from New Brunswick myself. It would have been too great if I could only had make some money of the investment. Anyway, in the late days, the current value of my investment had been less than 200$. But now, the amount that show up as current value is 600$ - which is almost the value of the initial investment I made back than; exactly of 689$. Let’s say that with Blue Note Mining, I would only had lost 89$ at the really end.

Now, what I think happen is maybe Blue Note Mining had given some money back to their shareholders. But I wonder where they took the money, since they had declared bankruptcy. I do not plan to sale Blue Note Mining anyway unless I have too. I wouldn’t like to loose that 600$ of mine.

This is a valuable example on why its always better to purchase, stick and hold until the end, just like Derek Foster learn me to do. Because of this I save 29$ (the cost of the transaction that it will cost me to sale the investment) and more than 400$ value on the initial investment. Like WOW. I am just lucky like that sometimes.

I do not wish this of course, but wouldn’t be nice if the same thing could happen with Timminco? The initial value of my purchase use to be of 4 065$ and now, it’s worth 554$! This is worst investment I ever made of my young life as an investor. But I do not wish a bankruptcy for Timminco (TIM), no company deserved to live a bankruptcy. It’s awful for investor, CEO and employees. Because I guess the employees of Blue Note Mining may had been lay-off. And I should be careful on what I write – or say – remember what happen with my morning job? Just too hot.

And, if I continue to look into my portfolio, I just can only laugh at myself about Bank of Nova Scotia. I taught it was a so smart move of mine to purchase BNS at 44.94$... but now each stock only worth 31.60$. Just so hilarious. It’s just show how markets are difficult to follow… even for an expert like myself lol.

TSX forever.

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you only lose when you sell


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