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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Out of work again

My morning job really begins to drive me crazy! I had been off on Monday morning. Yesterday I work the whole shift, 4.5 hours, but today… there’s no work for me! Let’s say it’s not tomorrow I will be able to purchase my next 100 bundle of stocks! I need more cash.

I was glade to have off on Monday morning as I took an appointment to get an hair cut that I was desperately in need. It’s good to have some free time, but at this time, I really need money as I want to purchase more stocks or units – whatever they are! And there’s also my brother who wants to visit me here in Montreal, that’s just fine with me, but I will feel mean if I don’t pay for a diner or something. My bank account is dry; all the money is invested in mutual funds, stocks and other. And my dividend earnings are automatically being reinvested to purchase more stocks. I enroll in a DRIP.

I complaint a lot here about my morning jobs, but it’s really releasing and I had my laundry to do anyway. And I am looking for ways to make some big cash online lol.

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