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Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's over

I just had a rough conversation with my mom. She knows I am working during day time and she calls me at 1pm this afternoon, which really annoyed me. I told her that she knew I was at work. Why to call in the afternoon while I am working? It’s like she’s not giving me any respect.

And than she asked me – again – if I ever take a day off, and I get made at her, saying that I was working. What drive me crazy is like she’s always like: are you tired? Something might be wrong with you, you never call. You should come back to New Brunswick. You are working too hard and stuff like that. All the time! Instead, she should be proud, but for her, life is just about free-time and not working too hard. And I am so the opposite and I dislike her so much for saying those words to me: you are working too hard, it might be tough on you. But what’s tough on me is not the work: it’s her! And it’s been going on like this since I finish my studies. It’s kind of unfortunate I cannot find a better job, but I do not mind, knowing that I am in Quebec and hey, in Quebec, foreign doctors are stuck in taxi driver jobs… So should I be very surprised of my own situation?

And tonight, the nightmare went over, I told her not to call me, just for emergencies only and I continue saying that if I wanted to have a friendly chat with her, I will call her. And than she said, but you never call… You bet I never call; I am getting annoying of her comments and her pushing me down – without giving me any encouragement. But now, it's over. I am done with her.

Than she continue asking me what I was doing. I didn’t answer to her question. The reason is quite simple: my own mom is ashamed of me being stuck in simple jobs. Like once I went down to New Brunswick, when people asking what I was doing, I told them exactly what I was doing and than my mom, ashamed of me, told me: don’t say that, say that your working in translation. Like me working in translation like before? Like I barely speak, write and understand English lol. Anyway, she asked me to lie to save her proud and from there, things for me toward her never been the same. I discover her true nature: superficial, selfish and arrogant. The same arrogance as Brian Mulroney.

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