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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Waiting for my Pengrowth dividends

Tomorrow, I will received 50.50$ in Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGF.UN) dividend. I just hope the stock price remain low – if possible less than 7$ – so I can earn 7 brand new units at no cost.

After what, I will have 512 units or so. I enroll in a DRIP for all stocks or unit I have in my portfolio and expect to DRIP until I have enough to financially live from the income but I guess I will have to work for while to see such things happen. And than I could move someplace else than in Quebec! Problem being that there’s just no easy way. And its not easy for me to have to stay in Quebec. And with this recession going on, I just feel more miserable, like I am stuck here forever. Just as miserable as that. But one day I will have my revenge and I will be able to leave and never came back to this horrible province. And I will get back on the reason why I dislike Quebec province – maybe as much as I dislike TD Waterhouse – but even on a upper lever lol.

For now, I just continue the way I am doing right now and I hope to see positive results in my portfolio. At this time, its almost the only thing who make me happy and I can’t wait to see my portfolio to grow from a couple of more units of Pengrowth.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny!

I was just wondering, did you enroll in the DRIP plan through TD Waterhouse's DRIP service or did you do the step by step procedure laid out by Derek Foster such as enrolling through each company's DRIP, contacting the transfer agent, etc?

If you did the Derek Foster's route, do you have to do those steps for each one of the stocks you have bought?

Sunny said...

Hi there,

For the DRIP, what I did is that I purchase my first investment eligible for DRIP and after, I call TD Waterhouse to enroll for an automatic DRIP. By default, as soon as I invest in a new company that qualify for DRIP, the dividend received for all new companies automatically DRIP.

I never used Derek Foster way to invest in DRIP.

Anonymous said...

Cool, thanks Sunny! LOVE your blog! :)


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