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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Adios Montreal, thank you and goodbye

The past couple days had been quite busy. I had been working moving from Montreal to X town in New Brunswick. I had been able to find a job in my field AND in my hometown, which is quite incredible. This was my ultimate chance to escape from my actual work. I had been working in 2 Montreal call center for quite some time. It wasn’t a job related to my field at all. I enjoyed the work, but after a while, I got enough of working during holidays and of my 7 days a week work. For financial reasons, I was working at 2 jobs. I was doing well, but I had reached the point where I really needed a change. And the change had come. All naturally.

The past 2 weeks had involved a lot of cleaning, packing, shopping and phone calls. Knowing I was about to move back home, I call everyone from the Quebec government to my credit cards to make my address and number change. Just doing that part was quite something. I cleaned and donated to charity a lot of stuff I didn’t need anymore. Movers were asking between 700$ to 2 000$ to move my personal items from Montreal to New Brunswick. I did not have any furniture, just personal belonging, about 20 of things composed of box, suitcases, etc. I taught I was able to get the thing done for about 400$, but movers were asking a lot more than that. So I decided to ship everything using the bus transportation service and it work out very well. Everything had been shipped for less than 300$. The reception delay had been of 24 hours. I proceed with 3 shipments and already 2 had been received. Today shipment was the last one.

Even if I had been extra busy, I asked my mom to join me for my moving. We had a fun time. My mom arrived on Friday night of last week. On Saturday night, we travelled to Ottawa. We visit my brother. We were supposed to take the train, but we finally took the bus because it was easier for the schedule since there was one departure every hour to Ottawa by bus. We spent 2 days with my brother. My mom never went to Ottawa before and I wanted to bring her with me. We visit and even went to eat an Obama cookie, which was very funny. I took pictures of all that of course. We left Ottawa Monday evening. I spent the past couple days concentrate on my moving.

While hitting back to Montreal, I bring in my cousin to my one and a half apartment as a surprise and my mom was happy to see him. Surprise! All together, we went to a fancy Japanese restaurant located on St-Laurent boulevard. It was quite fun. I am leaving Montreal in peace. My cousin is doing ok.

I am now closed to the 2k in all kind of expenses: clothes, shoes, jacket, restaurants, bus and metro tickets, etc... I was in need of a lot of things but I never bother getting any of them. I got a nice pair of shoes and some nice tops, among other. I am done with shopping for a little while. Money had been made to be spend and trust me, I had spend quite some money during the past couple days. However, I am confident that my today pay check will be able to cover major part of those expenses because I had some vacations accumulated that were supposed to be paid.

While moving back to New Brunswick, I will be moving back to my parent house. At least for now. It will help me to save some money. My one and a half Montreal apartment was cute, but I began to feel trap, especially while receiving some visitors. My next major expense will be a car. Sooner or later, I will need one. I have my driver license, but while living in cities, I never bother to get a car. I am always looking at new ways to save money, so just having a metro or bus pass had always been enough. But now that I am moving to that X town in New Brunswick, I will no longer have access to public transportation anymore for the simple and good reason that there is NO public transportation to the “city” where I am about to move. The Dividend Girl is simply moving to where she truly belongs: to the bush... lol.....

At first, I wasn’t really happy about that car thing. But fact is, my parents won’t be giving me rides and they want me to get a car. Thanks mommy and dad! lol... It began to be a complete trauma. I mean, me driving a car? Do you really want me to drive a car? Holly f*.

It’s unfortunate, but I need a car.

And during that time, my portfolio had been doing well. My non registered portfolio closed today session at more than 109 500$, which is really good. I should be able to place my next investment by next month I guess even with that car thing.

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