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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My non-registered portfolio closed September 13, 2011 session at 106 278.49$

It’s my first week at my new job and so far, I guess it’s been ok. I currently don’t have Internet at home and I try to avoid to actually surf – or even worst – blog – at my job. This mean that I don’t have a clue of how good or bad the stock market is doing those days. My schedule is currently from 8 to 5 and it’s now impossible to follow my stocks in real time like I was doing before. It’s a real drastic change. Do I miss my old job? Certainly not.

I wouldn’t have continued to work in a call center forever certainly not. I don’t miss earring customers in my ears. Despite everything bad I wrote about Quebeckers, I have to say, I never had problems to pay my bills while being in Montreal. I was living in a nice neighbourhood. I sometime get back home very late at night and I never had any trouble. Most of the 100k+ portfolio that you are seeing in here had been build in Montreal. I bought my first stocks in Montreal, made a lot of money, lost a lot of money too... But despite it all, while being in Montreal, the gains always exceeded the lost. That’s what I really focus on. I don’t care if I lose money from time to time. What’s really important is the overall result. My overall result had always been good in Montreal. Would it be as good while living here in New Brunswick? That’s what we are going to figure out in the months to come.

What I do miss is the stock market. But even there, I wasn’t doing much management. In front of a stock crash, my portfolio followed the crash. I wasn’t practicing any management, I just like watching. I learned most of what I know by watching the stock market. Some people like to watch TV, but I like in life, is to be there in front of the thing. I want to be able to watch the destruction or at the opposite, to be able to get my self-satisfaction just by looking at the gains. But now, there’s no more of the stock market in my life and it kind of suck. Do I miss Montreal? Well, now, after a couple of days, yes, but just a tiny bit.

I cannot say I had completed and gave my heart in an intensive job search while being in Montreal. I just didn’t give too much a damn of what I was doing as work. Just being in front of my laptop watching my stocks during daytime was enough to satisfy me. I don’t have that much, but I felt confident I was able to significantly increase my dividend income. In a previous post of this last month of July, I wrote about a reorganization of my portfolio that could have brought something like 8k in dividend income.

The problem being that I can be lazy and barely nothing can satisfy me. My move to New Brunswick was a real quick one but now I guess everything is more or less back to normal. If I apply to the job and accept it, despite knowing what I was about to loose – the liberty to watch my stocks in real time – it’s because my work began to annoy me and I needed a change. And it’s all happen by magic. I still don’t understand any of it but I won’t try to get it. I know more than anyone else how much the workplace can be terribly difficult. I apply to the job but it was kind of a miracle it happen because I wasn’t much interested at first because I knew what I was about to lose. And one major thing had to be taken care of: to refresh myself on how to drive a car and to actually buy one. We talk about that before.

I am terrible driver. On the afternoon of September 11, after spending the morning in my pyjama crying while hearing 9/11 family member victims testimony, my mom took me and asked me to drive her car. Aren’t you scare that I broke something? All I wanted is to stay away from the machine. But my mom know me, she actually the one who initiate the whole thing. At least, I have my driver license. The problem being this is that after spending 5 years in the Montreal area, you can easily imagine, I never drive while being in Montreal. And while visiting home, I drove a couple of times, that really all. I always dislike driving. The car annoys me, the engine. Currently, one of my biggest challenged is to actually stay on line lol..

I am not that of a bad driver ok. I just need more practice. This is causing an immediate distraction to my activities. I am completely disconnected of what use to be my life of before and that side bother me. But that’s not all. I saw that girl in Ottawa that I used to go to high school with. I try to avoid her but since I notice she recognize me, I went to her to say hello. And there she basically made fun of me because I left overseas and I never wrote to her. Like that girl was just someone I knew like that. Someone I used to go out with from time to time, but it never been a real friendship. Like we were not calling each other, she never went to my home, that kind of stuff. She said to her husband something of the like oh after a while she find herself smart, went overseas and we never heard of her ever again. Just like if I ever care! I am not interested in superficial friendship. There’re that kind of people who just want to take a seek at you just to find out what you are doing, are you married, do you have a good job, are you rich? Well, for me, all the answers to those questions were and are still a big NO. BUT, I have the liberty to do what I want and that’s how I live my life. While my mother being there, I try to remain friendly and when she asked for my telephone number and email address, I gave it to her. But if I would have been alone, without my mom next to me, I wouldn’t have stop by, I wouldn’t have talk to her, I wouldn’t give her my telephone number and email address. I am not under the obligation of doing anything of that. I don’t want to reconnect with old friends. They all annoyed me and never provided any support on what I was going. You didn’t know, but I will tell you. I won’t be here in X town of New Brunswick forever. But I am for now.

Wow, I know, the fact that I move to New Brunswick haven’t change anything. It didn’t change me. I won’t deal with any kind of bastards. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at 106 278.49$, which is not too bad knowing the current market fluctuation. My portfolio is able to be without me. I had been through this kind of things before, not be able to follow my stocks in real time. That I am there or not doesn’t change anything, it’s just provide a feeling of not being there in the action, not being there when the real important stuff happen. I am happy with the number. I checked everything on a regular basis. In term of dividend earning, I am now very close to the 5k. Quite good at this stage.

My goal is to boost the dividend earning to an annual 15k. It will take a lot more in cash, but I think I may be able to do it. Certainly not in a year of now, but still, it will be interesting to see how it goes. So of course, as always stay tune, dear readers.


Rockinon said...

Good luck with your goals. I assume you're young. That's the time to start saving and, more importantly, start learning. I'm decades older than you and struggling to get $30,000 in dividends out of my investments annually. For me this is important as I'm retired.

As I said,
Good luck!

Sunny said...

Hi Rockinon,

I turned 31 this summer.

My goal was actually to reach half of that amount, 15 000$ in dividend annually. I am saying "was" because right now I am divided between investing in blue chips or paying debt and just saving my portfolio from recession.

Thanks for the wishes, I need them all :0)


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