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Friday, September 2, 2011

Quebecker Michaelle Jean, ex Governor General of Canada had used tax payers money to fly on private jets for her family vacations

I had been quite busy, but I still have time to write on here! Good news, my cousin finds a job in a drugstore. I prefer that kind of job rather than a call center one. I had worked in many Montreal call centers and truly, having to speak, arguing if not yell at customers haven’t been the most rewarding thing. Not exactly in term of reward, but I mean, having to sit at a desk in front of a computer screen and take calls, it’s not exactly the kind of job I wanted for my 19 years old cousin. I would have like a waiter job for him. In a busy restaurants, with the tips, I heard some people making as much as 20$ per hour if not more. Anyhow, I am release. At least the cousin can support himself while being in Montreal.

I am under process of moving back to New Brunswick and I had been very busy. I decided to complete this final week of work, but working and preparing my leave at the same time haven’t been easy. I had been cleaning, giving stuff away, throwing many garbage bags. Don’t ask me why, but I used to accumulate financial reports, papers, magazines, newspapers... It’s been an in deep cleaning of my couple of years spent in Montreal. I am almost done with the cleaning part but completely exhausted. I expect to complete that this night actually.

My mom is coming for a last visit in Montreal and we are going to visit my brother in Ottawa I guess this Sunday or Monday. I will try to go with the train instead of the bus. I never took the train, so it could be fun. Me and my mom will be leaving Montreal by the end of next week. I am trying to get everything done and completed by tomorrow before my mom arrived.

As you can imagine, all this didn’t leave me too much time to follow my portfolio, but I did the best I could. And so far, only good stuff. My non-registered portfolio closed today session very closed to the 110k. If it continue like this, I will be back on the old 113k track of the before August stock market crash. I am doing well.

I am starting a new job by mid-September and I am just hoping for the best. I will be receiving a good pay check from my current job because it’s going to include my vacation pay. I had quite good money accumulated in there, more than 1k. And the job I will be doing in New Brunswick is well paid. So no doubt that really soon, I will be able to invest in CNR just like it was planned... Another good things being that while being in New Brunswick, I won’t be paying rent because at 31... I will be living with my mom and dad. Nothing of this had really been plan but I wanted to move back to New Brunswick as soon as I got here in Quebec province, about 5 years ago... Time had passed by quickly. Following my uncle death in February, I got into that new thing. I had to find work in my field in New Brunswick. And now, it’s happening. It was about time. My evening job was exhausting me. I was also working at another job during the weekend. Here in Montreal, I was working 7 days a week nonstop... Money was ok, but not that sustainable. However, it’s in Montreal that I build major part of my investment portfolio.

No matter how things turn out, I was in need of a change and I got what I wanted. In case of bad luck at that new job, I will certainly qualify for unemployment insurance. See, everything had already been planned, that I fail or succeed. I won’t mind having to go under unemployment benefit truly, because the little me is exhausted. Totally drain out. My knees are hurting as well as my arms. My arms, I understand, but my knees??? It could actually be the feeling of a body under severe exhaustion. Trust me, the feeling is real.

And during that time, the fuc**** as**** beep beep beep Quebecker Michaelle Jean, ex Governor General of Canada got caught on using tax payers money to fly on private jets for her family vacation. Go F yourself Michaelle Jean cheater.


Anonymous said...

Good luck SUnny with your move to New Brunswick!


PS-Thanks for uncovering the 'abuse' of taxpayer's $$$ that Michaell Jean helped herself to.


pattirose said...

Ya know I never liked her since that trip she made up North promoting the seal killing.

Good luck with the move and your new job.

Anonymous said...

good luck moving to your new place. sometimes change is good.


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