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Friday, September 23, 2011

My next investment: Enbridge Inc. (ENB)

I had set up an automatic purchase for some stocks of Canadian National Railway Co (CNR) at a value not exceeding 66$ per stock today this early morning. Once I came back home from work, I log in to my broker account and after what I saw that my purchase order go through today at 9:30AM, directly at the opening, at only 65.19$! CNR closed today session at a fantastic 67.34$! That’s quite an awesome profit made in one day only! +2.15$ per share!

My newest investment had performed very well, but I cannot say it’s the case with everything else I hold in my portfolio. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at 103 043.07$. Everything is pretty much down, but stuff like FTS, EIF, ENF, PPL, KBL, PGF and a few other are doing well no matter what.

While being fully invested, the only way to go through this actual recession for me is to continue to purchase high quality blue chips stocks. Now that I am all settle with my new job and my old bedroom, I have the opportunity to save more than ever before. Not that my salary is that huge, but while living in the suburb located far away from the entertainment of the city, it never been easier than this for me to save money. I even find a part-time job here that I may apply to, just to spend more time outside my place you see what I mean? Because my place is also my mom place and my father place... Family life, heavy talking, heavy TV sounds and everything and anything you can’t even imagine! Bla bla bla. I want to hear SILENCE when I blog. I hate noises. I hate to be annoyed and disturb. It’s actually not as bad as its sound. :0)

Now, my only concern is in what to invest next. It’s extremely difficult to target high quality stocks. I want to add some new stuff to my portfolio. I previously wrote about stocks I wanted to add in. While being fully invested, the only good thing to do while facing a recession is... to continue. Because I am totally to BOOST things up on Bay Street with my few thousand dollars. SO BE READY.

Want to know what my next stock investment of October will be?

Enbridge Inc. (ENB). ENB is a Derek Foster stock and Gordon Pape has provided a positive review in his column that appears in my TD Waterhouse account. I think Susan Brunner own some ENB stocks as well, but I am not totally sure. 

It's the blue chips mania. I am ready so be ready.

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