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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Canadian National Railway Co (CNR) is rocking the TSX

I had been quite busy lately and it’s been a blessing because that way, I don’t have time to think much about my portfolio. Some readers are taking real pleasure at smashing my investments. To those little animals, I will say: check out my latest investment in Canadian National Railway Co (CNR)!

I had talked about investing in Canadian National Railway Co (CNR) for weeks! I finally made my move last week. I purchased some Canadian National Railway Co (CNR) stocks at only 65.19$! CNR had closed today session at a fantastic 70.98$!

Unfortunately, it’s not everything that I hold that is performing that well. Think about FR, NFI, DGI.UN, PHS.U, SII and other. BUT, some stuff like PPL, ENF, ATP, KBL, WEQ.UN, BNS and other are performing very well.

So I have a both side portfolio: part of my portfolio is performing well and another part not at all. Overall, the result is ok. I can live with the market volatility as long some stuff in my portfolio is performing well, I can basically go through almost everything. I think we had proved that since I am a 2008 stock market crash survivor.

Right now, I have this chance where I can put more than 1 000$ per month in my investment hobby. I am never getting enough of it. The cash flow and the boat float.

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Anonymous said...

I am not taking pleasure in bashing your investment. Just stating a fact that company like CNR and BNS are very stable large cap canadian companies. They might have lower dividend yield but if your portfolio would be mostly large canadian cap, it would be less volatile. When the economy doesnt perform so well as now, larger companies can absorb this better than smaller ones. CNR is rocking the TSX as you put it because you purchased it at a good price and not when it was trading at a high of 78$. Everybody likes to shop when stuff are on sales and I like to buy stocks when there on sale.


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